“I Don’t Want To Be Anybody’s Mother”: MAFS’ Lucinda Questions Whether It’s Her Responsibility To Heal Tim

In Married At First Sight 2024, there's been one woman who's captured the attention of Australia, and that's Lucinda Light. The Northern Rivers woman, who might come across as your traditional hippy, has surprised the nation when it comes to her openness about sex, her alternative lifestyle (no TV?! I could never!), and her beautifully kind spirit.
Matched up with Timothy, a 51-year-old business owner from Melbourne who is grappling with deep-seated grief after the death of his whole family, Lucinda has been a rock in the relationship, patiently unpacking Tim's trauma and complexity while still trying to thrust the relationship forward in the intimacy arena (no pun intended).
But after episode 13, we watched on as, after weeks of compromising, Lucinda stood up for herself and told Timothy that he too, needed to impress her. In making her self-worth clear, Lucinda tells Refinery29 Australia that she wanted to reiterate that she was a high-quality woman with standards. "At that point, I was a bit frustrated and tearing my hair out going, what am I actually signing up for here? At the bare minimum, I'm not getting what I want," she says. "I was just in really deep assessment as to whether it was for me at all. I needed to really voice that loud and clear."

"I certainly don't want to be anybody's mother or healer. I'm there for a life partner, a co-visionary, a co-creator, somebody I can really do life with."

lucinda light
With Timothy's unique familial background, Lucinda was aware that she needed to tread carefully when it came to advocating for her own relationship needs whilst still respecting the incredibly sensitive situation that is Tim's grief. "Last night was a demonstration of deep compassion for where Tim's at — so much loss and grief and such a gorgeous human with a big, beautiful heart. But simultaneously, my truth exists," she explains. "I've come on for love, and these are my requirements."
At times during the experiment, it has felt like Lucinda has carried perhaps more of a weight in maintaining and developing their relationship, largely stemmed by much spoken about intimacy issues between the two. However, Lucinda maintains that while she's there for love, she certainly won't be settling by any means. "I certainly don't want to be anybody's mother or healer," she says. "I'm there for a life partner, a co-visionary, a co-creator, somebody I can really do life with."
However, she says that despite her having a clear vision of what she wants out of a partner, both her and Tim's truth can co-exist. "That exists," she says of Tim's experiences. "And my truth exists too. Both can exist in the same space."

"It's about to get a bit wobbly."

Lucinda light
Watching Tim and Lucinda's relationship unravel over the last few weeks has been tumultuous, to say the least. There are beautiful highs, with Timothy refusing to do the photo ranking task, much to Lucinda's delight. Simultaneously, there are well-reported lows, with Tim struggling with his physical attraction to Lucinda and being closed off. It's enough to make you wonder whether the two of them will make it or if they're on their last legs.
"Sitting on that couch last night, until I've explored every facet and avenue and angle and it's an absolute no — I can feel my 'no', I know my 'no', it's embodied," she says. "It's like I've done everything I can to explore and investigate this one and I can't see it going anywhere."
"Until I've turned over every stone and rock, I'm there giving it a go and giving it my best shot," she continues. "Certainly, yes, my spark had gone out a bit, but I was still holding a small lantern of hope. I hadn't given up yet."
As for what Lucinda says of their journey ahead? You best buckle up, because she says the relationship is "about to get a bit wobbly". Uh oh. Let it be known, I've got a feeling these two are going to work it out.
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