Ruffle Blouses That Are All Frill, No Fuss

Successfully wearing ruffles take some skill. Romantic and Little House On The Prairie-like by nature, a ruffled top has rarely fallen into the category of "cool." And though we've found ourselves on the fence about ruffles many times before, the more toned-down ruffles get, the more we're willing to consider adopting them into our wardrobes.
With the western trend seeing another peak season, ruffles are fitting right in, especially with corseted silhouettes. Less Victorian and used more as a final embellishment, ruffles have become a simple detail versus the main event, and the new iterations are a surprisingly good match for a simple pair of bootcut or high-waisted jeans. Styling tip: tucking a ruffle blouse into a pant or skirt will help balance out an overly voluminous top.
While we're still toeing the waters on this one, we can't deny the 15 tops ahead are going straight into our shopping carts. It seems like these ones might just be the antidote to the revival of an extra-ruffly gentility.