These Creative, One-Of-A-Kind Sex Toys Will Blow Your Mind

When it comes to sex toys, you’ve got your staples: the wand, the rabbit, the bullet vibe… not to mention the dildo, the butt plug, and the sleeve. While these toys are classics for a reason, there are also many companies out there that are taking sex toys to the next level, creating innovative shapes, functions, and designs that we’ve never seen before.
We’ve scoured the internet to find the most unique sex toys out there: from a vibrator designed specifically for penises to a sex toy that will make you think of stability balls in a whole new way. Some of these toys might look like sculptures, but once you read how they’re meant to be used, you’ll be convinced that they’re a different kind of art. Whether intended for masturbation or partnered sex (or both), these unique, one-of-a-kind sex toys will show you a whole new way to find pleasure.
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How to use it: This vibrator is designed for penises and works for both solo and partnered sex. The toy's flexible body can be shaped to fit around the shaft of the penis, and the vibe stimulates the shaft, balls and perineum.

They’re saying: “I can honestly say that in a fairly short period of time using the Tenuto, it is a legitimate product that has exceeded my expectations. Great job!” — MrCoolEOG
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How it works: While it looks kind of like an electric toothbrush, this vibrator is meant for clitoral stimulation and comes with 9 different heads — meaning you’ve got 9 different kinds of stimulation.

They’re saying: “I LOVE it... This is my absolute favorite toy for both my husband and I. The long cord makes its even better. No batteries and very quiet… This is so unique and different from the regular vibrators.” - Lyle Marks
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How it works: Though this might look like a simple butt plug, it features a few significant extras — it’s designed to feel like rimming (aka oral sex on the anus), thanks to a combination of vibration and rotating beads.

They’re saying: “We are considering getting a second one so that we won't have to take turns.” - Jase & Cindy
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How it works: A twist on the sleeve-style sex toy for penises, these adorable eggs are stretchable and come in six different varieties.

They’re saying: “I'm not a fan of giving blow jobs, but I am a fan of handcuffs and blindfolds. I like the tenga egg because I can use it to stimulate a man's penis and he has no idea what is going on if he can't see it.” - Runs; with Scissors
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How it works: The flexible wings on this vibe are meant to be tucked under the labia, so the vibe can stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex. It can also be worn for hands-free masturbation.

They’re saying: “I’ve never experienced anything like this product! I am so in love! Upon receiving my order I was impressed with the packaging and Eva II’s charging base. After charging it, my partner and I used it once before I was hooked! He also enjoyed how into it I was. It fit comfortably and delivered three amazing vibrations. I can’t wait to use it again!” - Jessica V.
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How it works: This uniquely-shaped vibrator is designed to fit around the nipples, the shaft of the penis, or the clit.

They’re saying: “The Volta may look like an odd shape but don't judge a book by its cover! It provides amazing sensations with this fluttering tip. It is great for all kinds of bodies. The flexibility of the wings of the tip can be used on any external bits. The motor is powerful, deep and rumbly. This is def a toy for someone who wants to try something new.” - XenaWarriorPrincess
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How it works: Though it looks like a '90s hair clip, this tiny butterfly is meant to be worn between your legs to stimulate your clit.

They’re saying: “This is my first toy and works great. I love the different vibrating speeds that it has and it also looks really sexy when you wear it.” — Anonymous
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How it works: This pinwheel-looking vibrator is designed to simulate oral sex with 10 silicone “tongues.”

They’re saying: “So this little guy/gal showed up today. At first I was disappointed until I laid back and completely spread my legs so everything was exposed. I’m just saying that this was the fastest I’ve ever cum. Make sure you use a lot of lube but I only had a few minutes until I had to get ready for work. I came so fast that I had 3 minutes to spare. Seriously probably my new favourite toy.” — Beachbunny84
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How it works: This stability ball + dildo gives a new meaning to the word “sexercise.” Simply insert the dildo either vaginally or anally, and start to bounce.

They’re saying: “I absolutely love this ball!! If you're experienced in yoga or with using a regular stability ball... this thing is hella fun for hours. I use it with my yoga swing also. The possibilities are endless... and it's one great ab workout. I found the dildo to be as comfy as any other, and more comfy than most. The ball itself is huge, but I have no problem reaching the floor or using it in a million different ways.” - Dee

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