We Scoured Instagram & Found 10 Of 2019's Buzziest New Jewelry Brands

Nowadays, the rule of thumb for jewelry is pretty clear: the more the merrier. We layer so many necklaces on top of each other that waking up without a tangled mess around our necks is impossible, our hands are stacked with a ring (if not multiple) on every finger and we're on a first-name basis with the local piercing dude. Needless to say, the days of taking a minimalist stance in this department are officially a thing of the past. So naturally, we're always on the hunt for new brands to add to our collections.
We turned to our trusty Instagram feeds for some much-needed brand research, and after a few too many hours of scrolling (and some early onset carpal tunnel), we came up with a list of 2019's most wear-worthy jewelry brands. From budget-friendly styles to high-end investment pieces, these are the brands that you're about to see everywhere.
So before these under-the-radar designers are discovered (and everything we want sells out), take a peak at this year's list of Instagram's buzziest jewelry brands.
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Born in Seoul and raised in Milan, Jiwinaia designer, Marisa Jiwi Seok, launched the now-cult-favorite jewelry brand in 2015. Since, the animated baroque pearls that she's known for have become a staple on the ears of Instagram fashion girls from Copenhagen to NYC.
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Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom.
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Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom.
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Founded on a rainy day in Brooklyn, Christina Tung's SVNR is the jewelry brand we wish we had the imagination and style to create during our childhood crafting days. Made from all recycled materials, no one SVNR piece is the same — but they are all buy-worthy.
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Photo Courtesy of SVNR.
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Photo Courtesy of SVNR.
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Photo Courtesy of SVNR.
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Wilhelmina García
Dreaming about spring? Apparently, so is Wilhelmina García, a fact made clear by their newest collection of shamrock, tulip and daisy embossed signet rings, charm bracelets and pendant necklaces.
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Photo Courtesy of Wilhelmina García.
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Photo Courtesy of Wilhelmina García.
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Photo Courtesy of Wilhelmina García.
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Notte Jewelry
Dreamed up by designer Jessica Say, Notte Jewelry combines our three favorite things: budget-friendly price tags, a feminist approach and damn good jewelry. From retro 'amore' hoops to pendant 'babe' necklaces, this jewelry brand won't be a secret for long.
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Photo Courtesy of Notte Jewelry.
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Photo Courtesy of Notte Jewelry.
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Photo Courtesy of Notte Jewelry.
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Moya Jewelry
Less than a year since it launched, Moya Jewelry is already becoming one of our go-to brands for all things oversized and bold. From dense gold chains to chunky silver drop earrings, if dainty jewelry isn't your thing, take a look at the pieces ahead.
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Photo Courtesy of Moya Jewelry.
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Timeless Pearly
Timeless Pearly takes the top spot among breakout jewelry stars of 2019. Beloved by editors and influencers alike, this handmade collection is stacked full of statement pieces — from dangly bracelets to hoop earrings — embellished with baroque pearls and multicolored beads. *Adds to cart*
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Photo Courtesy of Frankie Shop.
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Photo Courtesy of Matches Fashion.
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Photo Courtesy of Matches Fashion.
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Anni Lu Jewelry
We all need a little piece of summer in the midst of the below-zero temperatures and leftover gray slush that we're currently living in. In comes Anni Lu Jewelry, the Danish brand that can give any layered-up winter outfit a tropical touch with a few beaded necklaces and a pair of pearl earrings.
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Photo Courtesy of Barneys.
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Coqui Coqui
Save the swear words for your jewelry, right? But if these are a little too R-rated for your taste, there's plenty of PG-13 (and equally chic) jewelry options to shop from this of-the-moment accessories brand.
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Photo Courtesy of Coqui Coqui.
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Alta Ora Jewelry
Simple, classic, well-made — what else could you look for in your everyday jewelry? But finding all three in one brand is elusive — until now. This made-to-order jewelry brand might cost you upwards of $200 for a single earring, but guaranteed it'll last long past its trendy competition.
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Photo Courtesy of Alta Ora Jewelry.
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Photo Courtesy of Alta Ora Jewelry.
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Photo Courtesy of Alta Ora Jewelry.
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It doesn't get much better than bespoke jewelry that's made right here in America (L.A., to be exact). Now add the fact that it's designed by a former art historian who pulls inspiration for each piece from different periods in art history, and you have a brand we need to jump on. While Legier's technically been around since 2015, we're only just now coming to the conclusion that we need all of it.
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Photo Courtesy of Legier.
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Photo Courtesy of Legier.

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