These Holiday Sex Tips Will Put You On The Naughty List

Ho-ho-ho! It’s the holiday season, and if you’ve got a dirty mind, Santa coming down your chimney takes on a whole different meaning. Hopefully, you're spending at least a few days OOO, and you can make good use of the time off. Smooch your partner beneath the mistletoe, jingle their bells, lick their candy cane, ride a one horse open sleigh.... you get the idea. 
Although it has a wholesome reputation, it turns out that Christmas is actually kind of sexy. One 2018 study by sex toy company Eden Fantasys found that 44% of those surveyed planned to have sex on December 25. “According to the National Center for Health Statistics, months August and September have the most births each year,” founder Fred Petrenko said in a statement. “This corresponds perfectly with our findings of Americans being quite frisky during the holidays. We all love winter cuddles!” Cuddles, right.
And that’s not all: One-fifth of adults have sex more often during the holiday season, and one in ten have worn a Santa costume for sexy role play, found a 2015 survey by sex toy retailer Adam & Eve. Talk about Christmas cheer.
If you’re looking for some sexy, yet seasonal inspo, here are some ideas to get you going. Cue up "Santa Baby" and hurry down the chimney tonight. 

Lick Their Candy Cane (Or Peppermint)

Oral sex, but make it seasonal. 

Get On The Naughty List

Indulge in some light BDSM — one of you has been naughty and has to be “punished.”

A Christmas Toy

Buy your partner a new sex toy… and have them open it early.

Christmas Shoes

For those with a foot fetish.

Wrap Them Up

Try out some bondage by tying your partner up… use velvet ribbon if you want to get fancy.

Kiss Them Beneath The Mistletoe

Put mistletoe around the house and go wild. You don’t have to stop at just kissing, either.

Baby It’s Cold

Forget all the discourse over the lyrics. This song is now about temperature play. Grab an ice cube and have fun.

Santa’s Lap

Take the opportunity for some sitting-down sex. Either one of you sits and the other kneels between their legs to go down on them, or one sits and the other rides their penis or strap-on. 

Kissing Santa Claus

Put on a Santa hat and act out the song.

Toy Box

Lavish your partner’s “box” with attention.

Christmas Candles

Find a massage candle (no, those tea lights will not work, you want a specialty candle for this). Try out an erotic massage.

Deck The... Halls

Whether you mean nipple or clit clamps or a cock cage, add some sexy decor to you or your partner’s body.

Santa Claus Is Coming (To Town)

See if you can have multiple orgasms. Even if you don’t get there, you’ll have fun trying.

Wonderful Christmastime

Act out your partner’s fantasy for a holiday they’ll never forget.

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