Boyfriend Jeans Still Hold A Big Place In Our Hearts — & Our Closets

Sometimes, a trend comes along that’s so good, it knocks out the current favorite. This year alone, pastels and neon hues managed to overthrow gloomy shades of gray and black, kitschy jewelry and bags replaced classic and, dare we say, boring, styles, and chunky sneakers and sandals are responsible for giving our feet a much-needed vacation from heels. But when it comes to hall of fame-worthy fashion coup d'états, nothing compares to boyfriend jeans finally ending what felt like a decade-long reign of skinny jeans. Bless their demise, am I right?
For far too long, putting on a pair of jeans involved an intricate maneuver of hopping, wriggling, and aggressive zippering — and then you actually had to wear them. So when boyfriend jeans came along and put an end to all that work, we were more than a little excited. After all, aren't jeans supposed to be easy? Well, all these years later, we're finally giving a shoutout to boyfriend jeans for saving us from eternal skinny jean misery. While we're not tossing out our vintage-fit or wide-leg denim anytime soon, boyfriend jeans certainly hold a special place in our hearts.
To commemorate our favorite denim takeover, here are 19 pairs of boyfriend jeans that are sure to beat out the competition.
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