If You’re One Of These Signs, Ask A Leo Out

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Happy Leo season! The fifth sign of the zodiac is known for being outgoing, passionate, and energetic, and for their love of the spotlight. Leos are magnetic: you notice them immediately when you walk into a room. It’s only natural to develop a crush on a Leo. But which signs should actually date one?
First, a note on compatibility: to truly determine your astrological compatibility, you’ll need to examine both your and your crush’s entire birth charts. Your moon, rising, Mars, and Venus signs are all very influential when it comes to love and desire. And on top of that, your individual personalities, values, and experiences are important, too. So if this list shows that you and your Leo partner aren’t perfect matches, don't despair. You might just have to dig a little deeper.

Leo and Aries

“All of the fire signs have a natural affinity” with fellow fire sign Leo, Constance Stellas, author of Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is In The Stars and The Little Book Of Self-Care For Leo says. Aries and Leo are a good match for both sex and a relationship, as long as they don’t get on each other’s nerves. “They’re both so boisterous and so energetic that they can sometimes wear each other out,” Stellas says.

Leo and Leo

Leos are a good match with other Leos, as long as they can learn to share the spotlight. “They can sometimes fight for center stage, so one has to be willing to give over time to the other periodically,” Stellas says.

Leo and Sagittarius

These two fire signs both love physicality, which makes for hot sex. Sagittarius can sometimes be too blunt for compliment-loving Leo, but if they can find a way to communicate, this can be a strong romantic match, too.

Leo and Gemini

Combine air and fire and you get a stronger flame. “The air signs generally work out quite well with Leo,” Stellas says. Of the air signs, Leo and Gemini are a particularly good match: attention-loving Leo thrives with talkative Gemini, and both signs are adventurous in and out of the bedroom. Gemini may not be as dependable as Leo would like, but if they can move past this, Gemini and Leo can be a good romantic match.

Leo and Libra

Leo is also a strong fit with air sign Libra. Both signs are passionate, romantic and stylish. Together, they have amazing sex and, if they’re interested, a lasting romantic relationship, too.

Leo and Aquarius

Of the three air signs, Aquarius is not the strongest fit with Leo. Aquarius and Leo are opposite each other on zodiac wheel, which can cause some challenges. “Aquarians tend to be a little too reserved and cool to really engage Leo, and Leo is sometimes too much for Aquarius,” Stellas says. This combination can make for a hot fling, but to make it work in the long-term, they’ll need to really put in some work to understand each other.

Leo and Cancer

Water puts out fire, and fiery Leo is usually not compatible with water signs. But Leo and Cancer both love attention — both giving and receiving it — so this can be a hot sexual match. However, they’re so different that a long-term relationships will be a challenge.

Leo and Scorpio

Scorpio and Leo is a Battle of the Titans, because they’re equally passionate in different ways, but their elements are not compatible,” Stellas explains. These two magnetic signs may find themselves drawn to each other, and this attraction can pay off in the bedroom. But outside the bedroom, they’ll likely find themselves arguing about anything and everything.

Leo and Pisces

The third water sign, Pisces, can sometimes work with Leo, Stellas says. Leo may be drawn to Pisces’ elusive charm, and Pisces appreciates Leo’s protectiveness. However, Leo may be too fast-moving for Pisces, and Pisces can be too emotional for Leo, so it takes work to make this match thrive in the long run.

Leo and Capricorn

The earth signs have a square, or 90-degree, relationship to Leo on the zodiac wheel, which is not an angle that often leads to romance. Leo and Capricorn move at different paces, and Capricorn is often too serious for playful Leo. They might make for a good short-term fling, but it’s a challenge for a relationship to work. However, another kind of partnership could be a better idea: a business partnership. “Leo and Capricorn form a corporation, not a romance,” Stellas says. “Both are very ambitious signs, and ambition in relationships can screw things up.”

Leo and Taurus

Taurus, an earth sign, is also not a great fit with Leo. “Taurus and Leo are on different wavelengths and equally stubborn, so they get in each other’s way,” Stellas says. While they might enjoy a one-night-stand, anything more will be a challenge.

Leo and Virgo

Of the three earth signs, Virgo might be the best fit with Leo — which isn’t saying much. Leo thrives on attention, and detail-oriented Virgo is happy to give it. Meanwhile, Leo loves to compliment the way Virgos put themselves together. Both signs can be prone to insecurity, and they reassure each other.

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