5 Of The Worst Assumptions People Make About The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Today marks the first day of the summer season and the Cancer season. Cancer is the first water sign that the sun visits in the Zodiac year, which started back in March when the sun moved through Aries. Most people born under the sign of the Crab clearly and proudly show off their aquatic tendencies, from emotional intelligence to flexibility. But Cancers also have to deal with quite a few negative stereotypes associated with water signs.
Much like Pisces, a fellow water sign, Cancers are often associated with clinginess and hypersensitivity. Sadly, many assume that Cancers are so wrapped in their emotions that they're hard to get to know. Of course, these are broad misconceptions — it's obviously unrealistic to believe that every single Cancer spends 100% of their time in their feelings.
In honor of Cancer season, we're taking five of the worst assumptions about Cancers to task.

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