The Cancer Zodiac Sign, Broken Down Into 3 Personality Types

produced by Julie Borowsky; photographed by Rochelle Brock; modeled by Tess Mayer.
As of today, it's officially summertime, and with the summer season comes Cancer season, stargazers. You may feel the tides of your emotions a little more intensely for the next 30 days, but don't worry — we're right there with you.
Cancers tend to get painted with the same brush: They're emotional, cagey, and way too cautious. As rude as this characterization may be, it's grounded in the fact that Cancers are ruled by the moon and the element of water — two astrological forces long associated with our inner selves. It's natural for some Cancers to be a little withdrawn, defensive, or sensitive. But that's not where this sign's personality begins and ends.
Like any other sign of the Zodiac, Cancers are more than what they seem (or, for that matter, what their rulers suggest). Read on to learn more about the multitudes that this sign contains.