What You Can Learn From Your Sign’s Ruling Planet

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
As anyone who's had their birth chart drawn up knows, there's more to your sign than the sun. Each planet has an effect on our astrological makeup, and, in turn, our personalities. Although it's important to pay attention to all of the planets, one easy way to start is to learn about your ruling planet.
You might have guessed it from the name, but a ruling planet simply exerts more influence over a given sign than the other planets. In other words, that planet's traits and symbols rule that sign. Some astrologists believe that the dynamic between the planets and signs can be described by the concept of domiciles — which just means that planets make their homes in certain signs, rather than rule them. Either way, the planet/sign pairs remain the same.
Ahead, we took a look at each sign and its ruling planet to better understand how they interact, and we consulted the work of astrologers Annie Heese and the Astrotwins to help along the way. Click through to discover your sign's ruling planet. It just might make you view yourself in a whole new light.

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