Don’t Make These Mistakes About Your Pisces Friends

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.

Sensitive, dreamy, too attached — are any Pisces' ears burning? As most Fish know, these descriptors are often used to brush Pisces off as an unserious, naive sign. We probably don't need to say why that's unfair and reductive — so we'll let the stars do the talking for us.

Ahead of Pisces season, which officially kicks off this Sunday, we're showing this water sign some love. It isn't that the lovable Fish needs a major image rehab, but it's fair to say they're easily made into cartoons of their true, wonderful selves. Here, we'll look at four assumptions people make about Pisces — and prove them wrong.


Pisces don't have a disciplined bone in their bodies.Pisces people might not delight in making to-do lists, but that doesn't mean they can't execute with the best of them. This water sign likes to get shit done on their own time and in their own way. That's why, to the outside viewer, it may look like they live without structure. Bear in mind that Fish tend to have very different priorities than the more classically hardworking signs — Pisces prefer to spend their time on creative pursuits or matters of the heart. And progress in those areas is simply harder to measure than the types of success that an Aries or Virgo might experience. Once they find their passion (be it photography, counseling, or something else that showcases their sensitivity and care), you can believe that Pisces put 100% of their effort into it.

It's impossible to have a serious conversation with a Pisces.
Sure, Pisces are prone to flights of fancy, but a little bit of imagination isn't necessarily a bad thing. Their unconventional worldview pushes others to take on different perspectives and, as you might guess, that can come in handy during a heated debate. One thing's for sure: Pisces aren't known to start many serious chats. For all the flak Pisces get for their dreamy, rose-tinted outlook, their opinions can provide a welcome challenge during a discussion.

Pisces can't stand on their own two feet.
One of the most common criticisms lobbed at members of this sign is that they're hopelessly clingy. Hey, there's no denying the romantic streak that runs through most Pisces' psyches, but that doesn't mean they're codependent wrecks. Notorious for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, this sign puts a lot out there in a relationship, and that can easily overwhelm potential partners. That said, they aren't looking for bottomless support from their partners when they share their emotions. If Pisces weren't free with their feelings, they wouldn't be the sign we know and love. But that brings us to our final Pisces myth...

Pisces spend way too much time in their feelings.
Let's face it — Pisces are never not going to feel a lot of feelings. Most members of this sign are deeply empathetic and like spending their time supporting and comforting others. Of course, those traits are often misinterpreted as a tendency to be overly sensitive. Pisces are known to isolate themselves to escape intense or confrontational situations, but it's rare that they stay away for long. This sign's caregiving instincts won't allow them to be completely consumed by their own emotions — not while they have friends whose emotions need tending to, too.

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