Air, Fire, Earth Or Water? What 2019 Has In Store For Your Element

What’s your element? You’d be forgiven for not knowing – it does sound a bit GCSE science – and they aren’t discussed anywhere near as much as zodiac signs.
While a zodiac sign can tell you, for example, that you’re very fair but struggle to make decisions (what’s up, my Libras?), your element can give you more general, almost visceral information, like how passionate and fiery you are. Your element depends on when you were born and there are only four: fire, air, water and earth.
We teamed up with astrologer Ruby Warrington to find out what's in store for the elements next year, and Ghost Fragrance, to decipher which of their fragrances should accompany you on your way. Read on to find out how your 2019 is going to pan out...

Air signs

Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fragrance: Ghost Daydream
If you’re an air sign, you’re a born peacemaker. You also love to communicate, and get frustrated when you feel you can’t make yourself understood. "You’re a thinker, you’re almost ethereal in that respect. But your relationships and the health of them really matter to you," explained Ruby.
2019 is going to be a big relationship year for you – but that doesn’t just mean romantically. Ruby told us: "Gemini in particular is going to be a partnership powerhouse, whether that’s making a commitment in a long-term relationship, or in a business pairing. Lean into your peacemaking side and consider any oppositions in terms of how they can help you grow. Ensure you have a balance of give and take in all your partnerships."
As for Libra, it's time for introspection and to reconnect with yourself. Ruby said: "Try to let curiosity be your guiding light. Release yourself from narratives about perfection or needing to know it all and instead, delight in trial and error and experiential learning. Find a greater balance between your emotional life and your public life, and understand that these two don’t have to be seen as separate."
According to Ruby, in 2019 Aquarius will be about communities, so it's a good time to start a group hobby or get involved in community work. "Make good on your sign’s promise of catalysing social change and find out what your mission is and go to it. Generally, let your freak out in relationships and enjoy the wild ride! That may mean finding your 'tribe' even if it’s not your blood family. Try and let your instincts and feelings inform your strategy rather than the other way around."
Ghost Daydream is sure to tick all your boxes. It has an almost salty freshness, reminiscent of the sea air, along with mandarin and apple to tie in with your otherworldly personality. It’s crisp but still wonderfully feminine.

Fire signs

Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Fragrance: Ghost Deep Night
Oh, you fire signs. You know what you want! "Fire signs are generally passionate with bundles of energy and confidence," explained Ruby. "They're total go-getters who want to have fun all the time, and usually have a big creative streak."
As for fire signs in 2019? "It’s a great year to be creative and express yourself, and you should feel confident about sharing your gifts with the world," said Ruby. "For Aries, it truly is a year to expand your mind, travel, and absorb new teachings. For love, maybe you’ll have a holiday romance; for career, you might take on a new course of study to gain a new qualification. As for your family and friends, why not book a villa or group holiday to solidify those bonds? When it comes to personal development, it’s time to dive into your cultural studies."
Leos? Time to get creative. Ruby told us: "Feel free to let your creative force run wild without it having to necessarily add up to anything concrete. Re-look at your concept of success in a way that doesn’t need to be tied to external accolades and make things that feel good to make, shining your most glittery lights without worrying about being received in a particular way."
If you’re a Sagittarius, it’s time to take a gamble. "2019 is your time to roll the dice and take risks. Feel free to let your wildness run the show and reconnect with your confidence. Don’t be afraid to be emotional when you feel strongly and take a good look at any old beliefs that have kept you small or limited. Figure out how you take up space in this world and stand your ground!" explained Ruby.
Someone as bold and confident as you needs a fragrance like Ghost Deep Night. It’s sultry and mysterious, and evokes a sensuality that’s particularly apt for winter. Channel a little of your fire with the notes of rose and apricot – it’s your perfect accent.

Earth signs

Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Thank goodness for earth signs. In a crisis, they’re the ones you want around. "Earth signs are very grounded," explained Ruby. "They take their time before wading in, and they’re progress-driven and calm."
"2019 is a year for earth signs to really feel their feelings and not be afraid of them!" enthused Ruby. "For Taurus, that means doing some work to be more vulnerable and trying to connect more with your inner world. Dive deep into those themes of transformation, cycles, healing, and release – it’s important to let forgiveness liberate you. Make peace with all parts of yourself and let this lead you to even more authentic connections with others."
For Virgo, 2019 is time to put self-care front and centre, and make sure your home feels like a healing place. Ruby said: "It's a great time to smoke out limiting beliefs that may stem from your personal or family history but are not yours to carry anymore. Let yourself 'screw up' and learn that there truly are no mistakes. Tending to your inner world and making room for fantasy and intuition, rather than pure rationality, will be a great balm."
As for Capricorn, try to surrender some control and have more faith in the process of the universe. "Let go of any pressure about having to handle it all alone and let yourself be cared for," said Ruby. "It’s a time to start softening and letting things come 'undone' a bit, and that may mean extending your network for greater support. Admit to yourself your desire for romance and sweetness because 2019 is your year to build structures that nourish your heart, not just your pragmatic concerns."
Ghost The Fragrance is classic, timeless and perennially cool – just like your temperament. It’s an oriental floral with hibiscus and jasmine but with sandalwood and musk to add a soft sensuality that pairs perfectly with your calm and effortless personality.

Water signs

Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Fragrance: Ghost Sweetheart
Water signs are nature’s empaths. You feel things, and boy, do you feel them deeply. "Water signs are sensitive and pretty intuitive; you’re in tune with your feelings and others', too," said Ruby. "You’re generally emotional but that doesn’t mean you’re weak; you’re able to use your emotional insights to great advantage."
Your year ahead will have a big focus on work and money, according to Ruby. "Cancerians need to take a good look at their working life and ask if it’s fulfilling, and consider a new role if not. Don’t be afraid to put your feelings first and use them to make decisions. 2019 is time to use your 'gut' to assess the rightness of things and re-up your commitment to treating your body as a precious vessel to be honoured and nourished."
If you’re a Scorpio, "this is a time to learn to trust in the 'good' stuff without having to question hidden motivations," said Ruby. "Try and 'feel' into your sense of self-worth, and don’t shut people down when they try and compliment you. Learning to receive sweetness and delighting in beauty for beauty's sake are hard, but try to stop and smell the roses every once in a while."
As for Pisces, this is the year of YOU when it comes to your career, so it’s time to stop being a wallflower. "You have potential – so step up and use it," Ruby said. "Take ownership of your voice and your potential to lead and have power. You may also need to cut old cords that are keeping you tied to relationships which take more than they give."
With all your capacity for love and compassion, Ghost Sweetheart is the scent for you. It’s light, delicate and welcoming, with notes of cassis, orange and vanilla for a beautifully soft bouquet that has a creamy finish.

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