The 3 Most Common Libra Personalities

photographed by Ashley Armitage; modeled by Claire Joko Fujimoto; modeled by Jessica Taylor; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; produced by Megan Madden.
The shift from practical Virgo season to rose-tinted Libra season is always a tricky one. In one sense, these signs aren't all that different — they both have a clear sense of order and value truth. But in another sense, they couldn't be more different. Where Virgos would rather work hard to reach their goals, Libras would prefer to network their way to top (you can look to their respective ruling elements, self-reliant earth and sociable air, to better understand this difference).
Whichever sign's influence you prefer, Libra season, which officially begins this Sunday, September 23, can prove beneficial. This sign seeks balance and beauty in all things — and their greatest wish is that everyone would seek the same kind of harmony in their own lives. With this concentration of Libran vibes hovering overhead, you might find your thoughts drifting toward the more pleasant side of life (as difficult as that may be, nowadays), urging you to find ways to make your life simpler and more balanced.
Of course, there are gradations to this charming sign that are often overlooked. For every Libra that seeks total symmetry and a behind-the-scenes role in life, there's one who'd prefer a little more of the spotlight. In honor of Libra's solar season, we're taking a closer look at how this sign's personality varies among its members.

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