If You’re A Taurus, Date These Signs

Photographed by Savana Ogburn.
Taurus season is almost here — and we’re now well into spring, which means that cuffing season is over and people are starting to date again. Astrologer Constance Stellas, author of Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is In The Stars, filled us in on the signs that are most and least compatible.
Taurus is a sensual earth sign, and they pair very well with water signs, Stellas says. Taurus and Scorpio are an opposites-attract situation: intense Scorpio and down-to-earth Taurus make a good pair. “Sometimes they fight like hell, but they are fixed signs and they’re united, so they stick together,” Stellas says, calling Scorpio and Taurus “one of the long-standing combinations for marriage or partnership.”
Along with Scorpio, the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, are also a good match for Taurus. Cancer and Taurus are both slow and sensual, love comfort, and enjoy being in a secure relationship. Pisces and Taurus are also a sensual combination, though sensible Taurus may occasionally get annoyed with dreamy Pisces.
Taurus is also a good match for other earth signs because “they speak the same language,” Stellas explains. Virgo and Taurus are a harmonious connection, but not a particularly passionate one — and perfectionist Virgo may get on laid-back Taurus’ nerves. Capricorn and Taurus are a more passionate match. Tauruses are also a good match with other Tauruses, but they may be too similar in the long run, Stellas points out. “There’s the risk of sitting on the couch and doing nothing. Long-term, two Tauruses can get bored.”
The fire signs are more of a so-so match, Stellas says. “They’re quick, they’re impetuous, and that doesn't sit well with Taurus.” Both Leo and Aries have the chemistry for a fun fling with a Taurus, but they might be too different to make it long-term. And Sagittarius and Taurus typically aren’t a good match for either a fling or a relationship, because Sagittarius loves variety while Taurus is a fan of routine.
The air signs are also not the best fit, with the exception of Libra. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, "so there’s a love of luxury and romance that can bring them together,” Stellas explains. Gemini can be fun for a one-night stand or a fling, but their different approaches to time management mean they won’t make it long term. Aquarius is a challenging match with Taurus, Stellas explains. “I call it the Battle of the Titans, because both signs have very definite opinions about what is good and what is not good, and both signs like to have their own way.”
Keep in mind, though, that compatibility is a lot more complicated than your sun sign – your moon, Mars, and Venus signs also play an important role. An Aquarius whose Mars is in Taurus might be an excellent fit with a Taurus sun. And even if your charts are totally incompatible, you still have individual agency. So if you’re a Sagittarius crushing on a Taurus, don’t despair — but you might want to read up on what Tauruses like in the bedroom to give you a leg up.

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