Why You Should Ask Your S.O. About Their Moon Sign

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If there's a dating platitude we hear more than "opposites attract," it's the exact reverse of that sentiment: "We have so much in common." It's true that sharing values and interests with your partner can be a welcome sign of your relationship's longevity. But, if you ask an astrologer, you should pay more attention to the signs you happen to share with your S.O.
Namely, having the same moon sign as your partner foretells of a deeply intimate, if emotionally intense, relationship.
The sign in which the moon was placed at the moment you were born (which you can pinpoint by having your natal chart read) indicates who you are as an emotional creature. Most people only express their moon sign when they're alone or with those closest to them, as this sign determines your feelings and where you derive personal fulfillment. Even a seasoned astrologer would find it challenging to guess your moon sign without getting to know you better.
Considering the major influence that this sign has over your personal life, it's no wonder that it plays a major role in who you allow into to it, too. Your moon sign is likely to be compatible with at least a few other signs, but there's something very special about sharing your moon sign with your partner. Not to sound mushy, but it really does come down to emotional communication.
With the same moon sign shared between the two of you, you and your partner are the same kind of weird. You don't just "get" each other's quirks — you adore them, whether they're a Cancer-inspired urge to care for and worry over anyone important to them or a distinctly Taurean, rose-tinted view of romance. That level of understanding may mean you skip those initial "getting to know you" steps early in your relationship. And, as your relationship advances, your shared moon sign may contribute to your sensitivity to your partner's needs.
Two Virgo moons will understand each other's desire to put things in order the moment they feel as though their lives are out of balance. Similarly, a couple of Aquarius moons will share a dislike, if not disdain, for conventional romance and never subject the other to an unwanted public display of affection.
This is one of several planetary placements you should check if you want the stars' big-picture take on your relationship. Some astrologers argue that your respective Venus and Mars signs are as important as your moon signs, if not more so.
But, if you like to stick the astrological basics and only know your and your partner's sun, rising, and moon signs, you'll still be well served to look to la luna for romantic insight. If anything, you'll finally know why you and your S.O. both turn into nervous talkers when you're stressed (we're looking at you, Gemini moons).

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