What Your “Moon Sign” Says About You

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
As much as we love (and read on the regular) our horoscopes, they're only one part of the puzzle that is our astrological makeup. Western horoscopes give you the low-down on your sun sign, but they usually gloss over what's going on with your other signs, which are determined by where the moon and planets were in the sky when you were born. Chief among these forgotten signs is your moon sign, whose placement reveals your emotional, inner self.
Just like your sun sign, there are certain qualities, strengths, and weaknesses we can assign to each sign when it's aligned with the moon. Along with your emotions, the moon also commands your moral compass and aids in decision-making. Where your sun sign represents what everyone sees when they look at you, your moon sign represents who you are when you're alone.
You can find your moon sign using an online calculator or by having your birth chart drawn up by an astrologer. Here, we've laid out the basics on each lunar sign, with the help of the Astrotwins and astrologer Annie Heese.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

independent, passionate, outgoing

Weaknesses: restless, defensive, combative

Your desires run so deep that they feel more like needs. There isn't anything wrong with having intense feelings, Aries, but keep in mind that you're your number-one caretaker — no one else.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: steady, romantic, serene

stubborn, picky, overly cautious

Simply put, you're a creature of comfort. Having the moon in Taurus means you crave stability and security above all else. Only when you can be sure of where you stand will you even consider jumping.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

witty, sociable, versatile

moody, nervous, analytical

You crave connection, heated debate, and endless information, Gem. You're probably in constant contact with your loved ones, who will say without hesitation you have the gift of gab.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: warm, humorous, protective

Weaknesses: clingy, irrational, manipulative

For all your talents, Cancer, you can be pretty insecure — not that you'd ever tell anyone. You're a true caregiver, but you fear that those around will take your care for granted.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: entertaining, organized, fair

controlling, dramatic, nosy

You're a born leader with more than a bit of a glam streak, Leo. You bore easily and are quick to celebrate a triumph. Wherever morale is high, you're somewhere nearby.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

detail-oriented, practical, trustworthy

insecure, cold, skeptical

It's likely you're the first person your friends turn to for advice, Virgo. You're a natural problem-solving and great at helping others — but it may take some time for you to open up.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: generous, sympathetic, gentle

needy, perfectionistic, easily disappointed

Libra, you crave balance in all things, from your social life to your interior decor. You shy away from conflict but absolutely crave socializing. Your urge to mingle is impossible to stifle.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: intelligent, committed, loyal

Weaknesses: untrusting, repressed, intense

Don't lie, Scorp — if you had it your way, you'd be one half of a highly successful power couple. But that is not to say you feel incomplete on your own. You're notoriously private, independent, with an intriguing edge.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: easy-going, cheerful, helpful

Weaknesses: flighty, irresponsible, evasive

You're the life of any party, Sag — when you actually stick around long enough, that is. Your insatiable thirst for new experiences makes you seem restless to some, but you're simply holding out for a real adventure.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: prepared, efficient, strong

Weaknesses: guarded, calculating, rigid

Power is a huge deal-maker for you, Cap. You don't like taking breaks and you can't stand setbacks. Not one to sugarcoat, well, anything, you run the risk of coming off as cold.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: progressive, unique, philanthropic

Weaknesses: short-tempered, distant, inflexible

As much as you love collaboration, your rebellious streak will never let you become one of the herd. You're eager to please, but your need to feel free will always override others' wishes.
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

Strengths: caring, accepting, intuitive

Weaknesses: absent-minded, gullible, easily overwhelmed

It isn't that you're closed off, you're just hard to read sometimes, Pisces. You're drawn to the more esoteric side of life and don't mind dealing with abstract ideas. For those who can follow you, you're a needed break from reality.
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