This Is What Kris Jenner Said About Her Daughters' Pregnancies On KUWTK

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At this point, Keeping Up With The Kardashians feels less like a traditional reality show and more like a waiting game. In real life outside the television screen we know there are three possible pregnancies in KardashiLand: Kim Kardashian’s confirmed surrogacy, along with the much-rumored pregnancies of Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Throughout season 14 of KUWTK, the E! clan has totally avoided the speculation, and, so, we wait for the real-life drama of the famous family to inevitably bleed into their televised lives. While many hoped the Kardashians would finally use their holiday special to reveal the expectant new family members they’re thankful for this season — a very Kardashian thing to do for a Big Episode — it seemed the fam continued to avoid the proverbial baby elephants in the room. But, if you listen closely to “A Very Kardashian Holiday” it certainly sounds like matriarch Kris Jenner at last commented on the possible pregnancies.
Most of “Kardashian Holiday” is buoyed by filler like a Khloé-Kris bake-off or Kris and Official Friend Of The Kardashians Jonathan Cheban's trip to the toy store, but the meat of the story surrounds the “holiday dinner” thrown at Kris’ Calabasas manse. While the party was allegedly a for-TV Christmas celebration, social media proves the get-together was very much held in mid-October. This timing matters because, by that time, both Kylie and Khloé’s supposed pregnancies were out of the bag. Also both women — if pregnant — would be squarely in their second trimesters on October 16, when the dinner was likely filmed if you ask KUWTK family social media. If you look at pregnancy superstition, this would be the time for pregnancy anxiety to end and pregnancy excitement to begin.
So, this would explain Kris’ apparent emotional reaction to the three possible pregnancies in her midst over the meal. In a rare KUWTK season 14 appearance, Kylie sits right next to her mom as everyone reveals what they’re thankful for. Kris bursts into tears immediately after Kylie’s speech, which was all about Kris. While the momager could have said anything following Kylie’s emotional moment, she starts talking about babies. “I used to pray that one of you guys would have a baby. And now it’s like a faucet that we turned on and that won’t turn off,” Kris says through tears, seemingly glancing to her direct right, where Kylie and Khloé just so happen to be sitting.
“Faucet” is a very specific choice of words. When a faucet is on, it creates an unending stream, as opposed to a drip every now and then. The one pregnancy we definitely know about, Kim’s soon-to-arrive January 2018 baby, does not necessitate a “faucet” metaphor. This is especially true since the last time one of the KarJenner sisters, the sole possible “you guys” as the only siblings in attendance at “Christmas” dinner, was expecting a baby was nearly two full years ago in December 2015. But, three pregnancies at one time, all with 2018 due dates within weeks of each other, is clearly a faucet of future KUWTK stars.
Kris’ very portentous comment couldn’t have come at a more leading time, as Kylie makes her first KUWTK appearance in quite a while. The youngest KarJenner sister has been so AWOL over season 14, she was jokingly referred to as “The New Rob” in last week’s “Close To Home.” As anyone who keeps up with the Kardashians knows, sole Kardashian son Rob Kardashian often avoids the spotlight, and therefore family functions including Kim’s 2014 wedding, like the plague. Yet, there Kylie is for dinner after weeks away from the cameras, just in time to inspire her mother to cry over a faucet of pregnancies.
Interestingly, we only see the lip kit mogul from behind a table, or in tight confession interview shots. The sole time she’s caught in full-length view is from far away with multiple people milling about in front of her. Since KUWTK is an expert at titillating viewers over real-life drama without dealing with the news for episodes, these very specific directorial choices seem purposeful. The move works, since Twitter is now filled with viewers talking about the suspicious, and extremely exact, glimpses of Kylie we get.
As we recently guessed, it seems increasingly plausible KUWTK will deal with the yet-to-be confirmed baby speculation with the final episodes of 2017. “A Very Kardashian Holiday” and Kris’ tears set up the plotline, and either the penultimate episode scheduled for December 10 or the December 17 midseason finale can spike it. The dates would also be the perfect time for a baby bump-filled Kardashian Kristmas Kard reveal, which is how I always personally assumed the rumors would be confirmed.
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