Is This Tiny KUWTK Detail A Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Hint?

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At the very end of 2017, Khloé Kardashian ended the long-running speculation and finally confirmed what tabloids had been saying for months: the youngest Kardashian sister is pregnant with her first child. Following the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s big baby announcement with boyfriend and future co-parent Tristan Thompson, she has made the interview rounds and become rapidly vocal as a mom-to-be on social media. The same can’t be said for Kris Jenner’s youngest child Kylie Jenner, the other rumoured-to-be-pregnant KUWTK figure, who has been fiercely and correctly protected from the gossip by the Kardashians team. Despite endless headlines, it yet to even be confirmed whether the 20-year-old is actually pregnant.
That is why fans have taken to using the family’s E! reality show to ferret out answers about the maybe-pregnancy — answers the Kardashians have spent season 14 purposefully proving they don’t have to give. The latest speculation-starting KUWTK moment arrived in Sunday night's “My Mother’s Keeper,” when Kourtney Kardashian received a special delivery from her littlest sister that could possibly hint at the sex of Kylie Jenner’s reportedly soon-to-arrive baby.
Amid the drama of Khloé and Kim Kardashian’s latest televised feud, Kim arrives at Kourtney’s house to check in. “Did Kylie send you these doughnuts?” Kourt asks her sister. The answer is “No,” but Kim explains, “She did send them to everyone else.” The sweet treats are immediately noteworthy because they’re the brightest version of fluorescent pink possible. The use of pink, as anyone who has wildly speculated about the goings-on of a celebrity woman’s uterus knows, means said woman is likely expecting a baby girl. Why else would the entire Kardashian family, save for a left-out Kim Kardashian, receive a bright pink, personalised pastry display from often-MIA cast member Kylie?
Shockingly, it seems the answer is anyone’s guess. Despite the fact countless fans clocked the doughnut’s appearance in “Mother’s Keeper,” and tweeted about their possible connection to the growing “Kylie Jenner Is Having A Girl” conspiracy theory, they probably missed the mark. It’s highly unlikely Kylie knew the sex of her rumoured baby at the time of filming, even if she is currently pregnant in the first place.
Sources have long claimed Kylie will give birth in February, meaning Kylie would only be a few weeks pregnant — let alone months along — when the episode in question was shot. Thanks to family Instagram photos and the general timeline of KUWTK season 14, it seems the instalment was filmed on and around June 5, the day Kris and recurring star Jonathan Cheban visited Sloan's Ice Cream. That Foodgōd-related jaunt kicked off “Keeper,” before it devolved into bizarre in-fighting between the Kardashian sisters over topics like sweat, gluten-free diets, and the importance of the truth.
Hypothetically, it would be all but medically impossible for Kylie, who would be at most eight weeks pregnant at that time, to know the sex of her baby and subsequently decide to spread the good news via baked good she knows half of her health-conscious family won’t even touch. Most women are unable to find out their child’s sex until about mid-way through their pregnancy, when a foetus' genitals form and doctors can spot them via ultrasound.
The only wiggle room around this medical impossibility is a newly-available type of screening called cell-free foetal DNA testing, which uses an expectant mother’s blood test to analyse foetal DNA that has naturally leaked into her sample. Yet, even popular cell-free testing options are still recommended at nine weeks gestation or later. Considering Kylie’s rumoured due date, she would be under that minimum.
Our collective obsessive drive to figure out the hidden significance of every stray KarJenner gesture speaks to how the famous family has fostered this kind of cottage industry and is now trolling the world for it. Since Kylie’s pregnancy first became a rumour, fans have obsessively monitored Kylie’s makeup tutorials, Kylie’s throwback photos, Kylie’s phone/shirt/dessert choices, Kylie’s hands, and, Kylie’s Christmas tree with the kind of precise investigative skills usually saved for political figures suspected of colluding with the Russian government. Yet, here we all are staring at a 20-year-old’s cuticles trying to understand what it all means.
Ever the pop culture experts, the Kardashian family is aware everyone is watching their E! show like a televised version of Clue, hoping they’ll slip up and show their baby cards. Then, we'll all be able to solve the pregnancy mystery once and for all. But, in the same way the producers purposefully gave viewers a rare full-body shot of Kylie in the leadingly titled “Baby One More Time,” yet never even glanced toward the speculation, the doughnuts are part of a cat-and-mouse game. Again, the minds behind KUWTK could have easily cut out the pink doughnut scene — it’s a quick throw-away mention — yet they didn’t, knowing full well the obsessive fan tizzy it would cause.
Considering her Kardashians track record, if the Kylie Cosmetics founder truly is pregnant, no one should be surprised if she gives birth on the down-low, avoids ever allowing her baby to enter the public, and happily lives the life of a quiet, farm-dwelling beauty mogul, as she deserves. It’s not like Kylie didn’t tell us that was her plan all along.
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