Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 10 Recap: "Baby One More Time"

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Sometimes the Kardashians have to worry about buying guns, like last week. Other times, it’s more tame family issues. Plus, like, millions of dollars. Tonight, the Kardashian ladies are pretty much constantly bickering and it’s all entertaining.
Kourtney’s Taboo Boo
Khloé will always be invested in other people’s relationships, especially her sisters’. She’s taken a special interest in Kourtney’s mystery man, Younes. First, Kourtney asks their French trainer to only speak in French, for no reason. Khloé obviously suspects that it’s because of her French BF. Except Kourt won’t budge.
Obviously, Khloé immediately takes the gossip to Kim and Kim’s assistant, Stephanie Shepherd. “She’s getting very invested,” Kim notes, as the gang recounts all the vacations and new languages Kourtney has been into.
They’re all incredibly happy that Kourtney is happy, but how can this 38-year-old woman avoid saying her boyfriend’s name in front of her sisters?
The next time they work out together, Khloé asks Kourtney why it’s so hard for her to talk about him. As Khloé works her butt off with weights, Kourt just lounges nearby and dodges the questions. At one point, she says it’s too much information to share with her sister. Um, there’s got to be more embarrassing things Kourt and Khloé have shared with each other (and the world) on KUWTK.
Later, Kim and Khloé devise a plan to get Kourt to admit she and Younes are exclusive. They call Kourt and tell her that they’re setting her up with Chris Hemsworth, who, by the way, is married with two kids. Whatever, Kourtney doesn’t know that. When they offer up the tall, blonde, hunk who plays Thor, Kourt “fully does not go for it,” as Kim says. She definitely has a boyfriend.
After pressing and pressing, Kourtney finally admits “I’m not using [the name] on the show!” That kind of makes sense, but Khloé argues that everyone knows the name anyway. Kourtney just doesn’t want to partake, I guess. Finally, she gets sick of Khloé’s persistence and yells at her, bringing the convo to a halt.
In Kourt’s defense, it would be super awkward to talk about Younes on the show if they broke up soon. Then, the show would air months later and it’d be a little weird for her to relive those moments. When your entire life is publicized, any grasp at privacy is worthwhile. Kourtney even admits that she doesn’t know how to balance her private life anymore.
By the end, Kourtney is, at least, calling her unnamed man her boyfriend. That’s just gotta be enough for Khloé.
Anything You Can Do, Khlo Can Do Better
Kylie’s lip kit business has seriously taken off at a super fast rate. She’s a capable young woman, but, of course, she’ll need some help along the way. That means Kris is spending more time than usually with Kylie instead of her usual favorite daughter, Kim.
Khloé, on the other hand, has never been the favorite. Who wouldn’t want Momma Kris’ full attention? First plan of action, Khloé takes it upon herself to reorganize Kris’ pantry. Both mother and daughter are organization freaks, so it’s kind of a present for the both of them.
While Khloé is explaining the new system, Kim walks in with a giant cake with “I love you, Mom” in frosting. Knowing Kris Jenner, she’s going to make the most of her daughters’ newfound kindness.
Khloé realizes that she has to step up her game if she wants to be the fave. Next, she got her mom a ride (sit? stay?) in a hyperbaric chamber. Then, she bought out Saks Fifth Avenue so that they can shop with no worries! Not only is it stress-free shopping, but it’s a little Kris-Khloé time before Khloé heads back out of town.
“My mom’s other kids are dead to her after this Saks trips,” Khloé remarks.
Soon after, Kylie allegedly sends a gorgeous egg shell toaster to her mom. Of course, Kris loves it and doesn’t hesitate to brag to Kim and Khloé. Khloé immediately recoils and acts as if she hasn’t been buying her mom’s love this whole time. Sounds like the blender calling the toaster white.
Speaking of, when Kylie and Khloé come over to Kim’s house, Kim has a brand new blender from the same line as the new toaster. Khloé is so upset that Kim would try to one-up her that they both lash out at Kylie for buying the toaster in the first place. But Kylie has no idea what they’re talking about. Kris has been lying about everything Kylie does for her, just to get more out of her older daughters! Revenge is so warranted.
They bring two of Kris’ favorite cakes to her house. As soon as Kris lets her guard down, Khloé smashes the cake into her hair and face.
“You guys are both grounded!” Kris says to the girls, as they eat cake off of the floor.
And That Makes Seven!
Finally, we get some baby news. Everyone is buzzing about Kim finally explaining how she decided to get a surrogate for her third baby! There was a year-long process where they had to get their surrogate approved, create a plan, and finalize everything. Now, it all comes down to whether or not she wants to have another kid soon.
“Top secret, but my surrogate passed all her tests!” Kim begins telling her sisters. Khloé and Kourtney are immediately excited! Kim and Kanye have decided to try one embryo because it’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up.
After implantation, it’s a really scary time, full of nerves. It reminds Kim of the time she was implanted with an embryo and it didn’t take. Luckily, Kim became pregnant with Saint afterward.
One time jump later, Kim and Steph sit in the sun in Kim’s bedroom, preparing to call one of her family members with news. First up is Khloé! She’s immediately excited. Kris bursts into tears at the idea of having a seventh grandchild. Kourtney is casual and practical, in her typical fashion. Baby number three is officially on the way! Kim’s just happy to have nine months of freedom while the baby is growing! Knowing her pregnancy history, having a surrogate must be such a relief.
At the same time, Kim is so grateful that someone would go out of their way to do this for her. The least she could do is provide her surrogate with complete privacy. Kim finds it weird to be present in the surrogate’s life without overstepping boundaries. For now, she’s taking it one day at a time. Soon enough, they’ll have a little baby girl at home!
It’s so exciting to know that a mini North West is on the way! We can’t wait to see how adorably stylish Kanye West’s second daughter will be. Is it too early for name suggestions? Because I feel like Refinery West has a ring to it.
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