Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14, Episode 10 Recap: "Dog Tired"

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The Kardashian family is always growing! But, sorry, this week isn’t about any future babies (that’s what we were hoping last week’s was about). Instead, grandma MJ is in town rocking the boat. And Kim and Kourtney have two adorable new additions. But first, Khloé and Kendall get fired up about firearms.
Locked and Loaded
While shopping for saddle gear, Kendall Jenner reveals to big sis Khloé Kardashian that she has a different stalker showing up to her place every week. After everything that’s happened between the Paris robbery and Kendall’s major stalker, the family has been taking serious steps to protect themselves.
Later, the two are lounging in a closet looking at guns on their phones. Gucci and guns. Kim comes over and completely doesn’t understand what they’re talking about.
When Khloé suggests that Kim could’ve used a gun during the robbery, Kim simply replies, “I’m not, like, Lara Croft.”
Kim may rock a tank top better than most, but she’s no gunslinger. She goes on to tell Khloé that she would never feel comfortable letting the kids stay over if she knew there was a gun in the house. That’s that. She’s even spoken to family members of victims of gun violence. It’s never a situation that she wants to be put in.
Khloé and Kendall head to a gun range against Kim’s wishes. Khloé jumps right in. Kendall, on the other hand, needed a little coaxing. Now, they feel much more educated and comfortable. They might be ready to hold a gun, but are they ready to face Kim?
In an interesting turn of events, they explain to Kim that while they did go to the gun range, they also spoke to someone at Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization dedicated to reducing gun violence. After learning all the stats associated with gun violence, Khloé and Kendall decide not to get guns. After all, that’s what they have all their security detail for.
Alpha Dogs
Kim decided to cave and get North a puppy for her birthday. But since cousin Penelope is just one year older than North, Kim got Kourtney to get one for her daughter, too. Now P and North have matching Pomeranians named Honey and Sushi, respectively.
North is head over heels in love with Sushi, but Kim is already over the little yaps. The dog barks non-stop! Meanwhile, Honey is quiet as a mouse.
“Of course this is my luck!” Kim groans. Then she gets to thinking. What if she switches the dogs out? They’re almost identical. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that the plan is kind of genius.
Step one, send Sushi over for a doggy play date. Step two: “Accidentally” grab Honey instead of Sushi. Step three: Enjoy the peace and quiet.
Later, Scott and Kourtney are just hanging out when Sushi's yaps interrupt them. Reign comes running in saying “I don’t like her!” When Kourtney asks why, Reign replies “It’s North’s!” Um, somebody get this baby into the academy, he’s got a future as a detective.
Kourt immediately calls Kim to tell her the jig is up. At first, she’s super defensive, but then she gives in. As soon as Kourtney gets to Kim’s a wild dog chase begins. Kim refuses to give Honey up. (Poor little talkative Sushi! I’ll fight over you.)
It seems being traded off hasn’t made Sushi any quieter. Kim’s longtime assistant Stephanie Shepard suggests calling Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer. He gives Kim and North some pretty good tips and helps calm Sushi down a little bit. It’s definitely going to take more than one lesson. Soon, Sushi will be the most well-behaved dog in Calabasas.
Momma’s House
Kris Jenner is so proud that she finally got her mom, MJ Shannon, a brand new house in Calabasas. After spending most of her life in San Diego, MJ was hesitant to move, but she’s so much closer to her family now. Kris spent a lot of time picking stuff out and decorating so that everything was perfect for MJ to move in. Now, the day has come!
But now that MJ and Kris are in such close quarters, they’re starting to butt heads. Kris totally takes over MJ’s home. Then, the women can’t agree on whether or not MJ needs a stand mixer. MJ thinks it’s an eyesore, but the perfectionist inside Kris can’t help but move it back.
As a last resort, MJ calls Kourtney for some advice. By the end of the call they resolve to let Kourtney handle this one.
Kris just feels like she spent so much time perfecting the house and MJ’s stuff is cluttering it up. She may have gotten a little more territorial than necessary. Soon enough, she apologizes to MJ and takes the stand mixer away!
As the year comes to a close, KUWTK is getting more high-stakes. If Khloe and Kylie were to announce their pregnancies, it’d most likely be in the coming weeks! And next week, we get an inside look at Kim’s surrogacy journey.
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