Twitter Doesn't Like How Kim Kardashian Is Holding Her Dog

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
Is there such a thing at pet owner-shaming? Because that happens on the internet a lot, especially with celebrities. Kim Kardashian is the latest target of such internet shame, which isn't very surprising, given that she's also been a victim of mommy-shaming and body-shaming and just about every other form of internet finger-wagging. She shared a photo of her new puppy, named Sushi, and Twitter thinks she's holding the dog wrong.
In the pic, Kardashian West holds the dog with one hand, presenting him upwards. She captions it, "The Lion King" — it's a restaging of the iconic Disney scene, I guess. (Hate to add fuel to the fire but Rafiki holds baby Simba with two hands in the original film.)
Comments on the tweet are concerned for the dog's safety. Small dogs, especially puppies, should be handled with care. Commenters are concerned that her one-handed grip will hurt Sushi, who is still the size of large squirrel.
"Why ru holding the dog like that tho," one commenter wants to know. Another says more gently, "Kim I love you but please don't hold puppies like that even for a picture their bones are very fragile."
Others are just puzzled, like one user who asked, matter-of-fact, "Kim it's a dog, why are you holding it like that?" Some have also noted that Sushi is a dog and Simba was a large cat. Good to see the internet still loves to fact-check. (Yet another is okay with this discrepancy because, and I quote, "jungle book is better anyway." The Lion King, is turns out, is very polarizing.)
Sushi's a new addition to the family — Kardashian acquired Sushi and another dog in late June and polled her followers for a good puppy name. Users voted for the name "Peach Pop," but North West, the actual owner of the dog, went with "sushi." (Democracy is dead.)
By far the best response to Sushi's "Lion King" photo, is the following:
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