Kim Kardashian Got North An Adorable Puppy & She Needs Your Help Naming It

Photo: Rich Fury/Forum Photos/Getty Images.
This weekend, pop culture’s first family were bestowed with a special delivery, twins, to be exact. Two, tongue-wagging, fluffy little bundles of joy. By now you know I’m not referring to America’s unofficial first family, Beyoncé and Jay Z (who reportedly just welcomed twins). I’m talking about the Kardashians — specifically, Kim and Kourtney.
In a recent tweet, Kim asked her followers for input on the most important question of all, the new puppy’s name. “So North wants to name her puppy Mercy, thoughts? We need a good name!”
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “thoughts?” is coded mom language meaning Kim is not a fan. Considering how close North and papa Kanye are, could little North’s name suggestion be a reference to dad’s 2012 track, “Mercy”?
Kim also tweeted out a photo of the “sister puppies.” One is for North and the other is for her BFF-cousin, Penelope, Kourtney’s daughter, whose nickname is "P."
In a series of snapchats earlier this week, followers got a teaser of the two new additions to the family. However, it looks like big sister, Kourtney, may have gotten a leg up in the name game competition. “Honey” she captioned a snapchat image of the adorable Pomeranian.
“You guys, how cute is Northie's little puppy?” said Kim in a separate snap video. “What should we name her?”
On Twitter, users responded with a number of laughs. “Dog must be so thirsty,” responded @DDisBORED in reference to a line in “Mercy.”
“Name it Sway since it doesn't have the answers on the best place to go pee,” said @SHABOOTY.
“Let the dog decide it's 2017,” @msteadman1 wrote.
Though one user had some pretty strong, ALL CAPS feels about North’s name choice.“IF NORTH WANTS IT TO BE MERCY IT SHOULD BE MERCY!,” @_KCUD
To be fair, there’s a reason why mama Kim isn’t a fan of the name Mercy. It was the name of the teacup Persian kitten Kanye gifted her in 2012. After she gave the cat to Khloé's assistant, Sydney Hitchcock, little Mercy, according to E!, died from a cancer-like virus. So, yeah, let’s go with another name this time.
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