North West Finally Picked A Name For Her Dog & It's Super Cute

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The most important thing in life after getting a puppy is naming it. But finding the right name? Now that's a struggle. North West knows this first hand, since mother Kim Kardashian shared the whole process on Twitter. Luckily, we now know that the 4-year-old finally settled on name for the lil fluffball, and the new moniker is almost as cute as the pup itself is.
"North has been asking for a puppy for a long time," a source told People after the puppy was announced. "Kim thought it was a good idea for North to take care of a puppy. It could prepare her for baby sibling too."
It wasn't just North who got a puppy — Penelope, Kourtney's daughter, also got a pup named Honey. North, however, was having a harder time settling on a name, so Kim took to Twitter to help.
"So still no name for North's puppy," she tweeted on the 25th. "This is what she came up with so far... Peachy Pop (peaches for short), Baby Jesus, Cutie Pie, & Goldie."
"Wait the other name on her list is Sushi!" she added. "I forgot that one. I will make a poll."
The poll is over now, and the winner is clear...
However, North West doesn't adhere to your polls. She marches to the beat of her own drum, so although Peachy Pop (Peaches) would be a cute name, North decided on something a little simpler: Sushi. Which I love, and is the one I voted for. Just maybe don't tell her that there are already 132 dogs in L.A. named Sushi — something tells me North won't take kindly to being anything other than one of a kind.
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