Fans Think Kylie Jenner Is Having A Sex Reveal Photoshoot & Leaving Clues

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Kylie Jenner hasn't confirmed the rumors that she's pregnant, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about the reports.
On Wednesday, Jenner shared what, at first glance, looks like an innocent photo of her jewelry and nails, but people are reading a lot more into the Instagram post. Fans think Jenner's pink nail polish could be a subtle hint that she's pregnant with a baby girl, and that this is her way of giving fans a clue about her alleged pregnancy.
Jenner's butterfly rings could be a hint about her relationship, too, People notes. She and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, have matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles — and some fans believe the couple got the ink after Scott learned about Jenner's reported pregnancy. To add to the theory, it's worth noting that Scott has a single called "The Butterfly Effect" that plenty of fans believe is about Jenner. The song talks about the "Hidden Hills," which is the name of the gated community where many of the Kardashians and Jenners live.
Or, Jenner might just like butterflies, and the color pink. Again — it's just a photo of her hand.

? shoot day

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Jenner and her sister Khloé Kardashian are both reportedly pregnant, though no one in the Kardashian/Jenner family has officially confirmed the news. It seems like the sisters are having fun with the rumors, though. In a recent YouTube video, Kylie and Khloé gushed about their "babies" — but they're referring to the In Love with the Koko Kollection for Kylie Cosmetics, not actual babies.
Whenever the family does decide to comment on the pregnancy reports, it will definitely be on their own time. In the meantime, they're totally going to mess with fans.
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