Where We Left Off With Netflix's Best Superhero Show, Jessica Jones

Television’s hottest trend right now is bringing back shows that haven’t been on our screens since the 2016 presidential election was far from decided. First it was UnReal, then it was Atlanta, now it’s Jessica Jones’ turn. The world hasn’t been gifted with a new season of the Netflix superhero show since November 2015, which was so long ago, no one had even said “But her emails” yet. So, essentially, it’s been an eternity.

Thankfully, in good news for people everywhere who enjoy some snark with their comic book series, Jessica Jones season 2 will debut on Thursday, March 8. The new run of episodes promises to delve into where the Marvel show’s titular heroine, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), got her superpowers, which is one of the drama’s greatest mysteries. But, to actually care about solving such a big riddle, viewers have to remember what the heck happened in Jessica Jones season 1. If you can’t recall all the drama about Jessica’s past, how could its resolution even matter?

That’s why we put together a little reminder of where we left off with all of Jessica’s characters, from its eponymous, high-jumping hero to its insidious villain Kilgrave (David Tennant), who previews confirm will be back in some way or another. So, keep reading for the walk down Jessica Jones lane everyone needs before season 2.

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Jessica Jones

Much of Jessica Jones season 1 deals with Alias Investigations private investigator Jessica coming to terms with the trauma of being under the control of Kilgrave, who can manipulate minds and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. Episode 5, “The Sandwich Saved Me,” reveals how Jessica came to meet her tormenter in the first place: the villain randomly saw her saving Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) from two murderous thugs, and he immediately become obsessed with her. Kilgrave then made Jessica act as his enforcer-slash-”girlfriend” for months without the super-powered woman giving a shred of consent.

Jessica, who got her mysterious powers of extreme strength and super-powered jumping after a car crash that killed her entire family, finally escaped Kilgrave’s thrall when he forced her to murder Reva Connors (Parisa Fitz-Henley), wife of Luke Cage (Mike Colter). The shock of taking an innocent woman’s life finally jolted Jessica out of Kilgrave’s control.

Although Jessica believed Kilgrave was fatally hit by a bus right after she left him, he reappears in season 1, bent on controlling her once again. After a 13-episode cat-and-mouse game, Jessica tracks her abuser down to a ferry-and-yacht terminal. She tricks Kilgrave into believing he can manipulate her once again to the point where he willingly comes within inches of Jessica. She smiles for the serial rapist, the classic demand of creeps everywhere.

Then, Jessica picks Kilgrave up, sarcastically says “Smile,” and snaps his neck, seemingly killing him for good. She is eventually let off on all murder charges thanks to the legal expertise of dubious lawyer Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and ends the season realizing her voicemail box is filled with pleas for help. The world thinks Jessica Jones is a hero now — but when will she?

By “Sin Bin,” we come to find out Kilgrave was born Kevin Thompson, the son of two scientists Louise (Lisa Emery) and Albert Thompson (Michael Siberry). Kevin was born with a severe neurological disorder, and his parents forced him into countless painful and horrifying tests as both treatment and part of their studies. Eventually, the exams led Kevin to develop his mind control powers, which he first used to punish his parents for his terrible childhood. Kevin then left home and took up the name Kilgrave because he’s the least creative man alive.

After Jessica left Kilgrave years later, he kidnapped NYU student Hope Shlottman (Erin Moriarty) to replace the hero. In a series of disturbing events, Hope murders her family, ends up in jail, realizes she is pregnant with Kilgrave’s baby, aborts the “tumor,” as she calls it, and ends her own life to avoid being held by her abuser again. Kilgrave then has his father, who he also kidnaps, create a serum from the aborted fetus that is meant to increase his powers.

The confidence he has from the power-increasing serum explains why Kilgrave believes he can control Jessica once more. He is deadly wrong about that.
Trish Walker

Jessica’s best friend and adoptive sister Trish (Rachael Taylor) has one of the best arcs in all of Jessica Jones. The pair end up becoming family after Trish’s abusive mother Dorothy (Rebecca De Mornay) took Jessica in years ago following the teen’s near-fatal, orphaning car crash. Before you get any warm fuzzies, remember Dorothy’s decision was a simple PR move since Trish was a teen star. In adulthood, Trish rebranded as a radio personality with the show Trish Talks.

Trish ends up throwing herself into the madness of trying to track down Kilgrave due to her unshakeable loyalty to Jessica, who she believes should work as a superhero full-time. Trish helps Jessica capture Kilgrave, find his parents, and is a major part of the ferry terminal showdown, despite the fact the radio queen has no powers to speak of.

A major part of the Trish storyline is how she puts Jessica on the road to learning where her powers come from. In “Take A Blood Number,” Dorothy shows up at Trish’s apartment to give her Jessica’s original medical bills following the car crash. It’s revealed the shady IGH corporation paid for all of Jessica’s care. Suspicious.

Also, Trish dated Will Simpson (Wil Traval) for much of season 1, and he is trash.
Will Simpson

Well, we should probably talk about Will for a hot second, shouldn’t we? Especially since he’s directly connect to IGH? Will enters Jessica Jones as a New York police officer who Kilgrave orders to kill Trish. Believing he completed his mission, Will is wracked with guilt over the murder until he finds out Trish is still alive. Then he is wracked with guilt for nearly murdering the former child star and begs her forgiveness.

They eventually start sleeping together, and Will joins the hunt for Kilgrave as an apology-revenge one-two punch. We eventually learn Will was part of an IGH experiment around super soldier-creating combat enhancers, but left the program due to oversized rage management issues. While attempting to take down Kilgrave, Will turns back to the combat enhancers and ends up murdering some people and nearly killing both Jessica and Trish.

Will is the worst, and an IGH team kidnaps him to parts unknown in “AKA I've Got the Blues.” Good riddance.
Malcolm Ducasse

Malcom is the Jessica’s neighbor and also the softest boy in the Jessica Jones universe. Although we’re originally led to believe he is abusing drugs by choice throughout the first half of season 1, we learn in “The Sandwich Saved Me” Kilgrave forced Malcolm to use heroin. As usual, the baddie's plan was yet another way he tried to make Jessica feel like an “infection” that ruins everyone in her life. Kilgrave also used Malcolm as an informant on Jessica’s daily activities.

Once out from Kilgrave’s thrall, Malcolm, a social worker by trade, begins a Kilgrave support group for fellow survivors of the villain's manipulations. Kilgrave nearly makes the group hang themselves, but Jessica saves them.

By the end of the season, Malcolm is there in the Alias Investigations office helping Jessica field her many, many phone calls begging for help.
Luke Cage & Claire Temple

All that matters for these two in terms of Jessica Jones is that the titular superhero introduces Luke and Claire to each other in season finale “Smile.” The pair goes on to have a relationship throughout the subsequent Marvel-Netflix properties.

Oh, and there’s also that little thing where Jessica still slept with Luke despite the fact she murdered his wife.
Jeri Hogarth

Jeri, a wealthy lawyer with the most murky morality around, does a lot of good and a lot of bad throughout Jessica Jones season 1. But, we can all be thankful she ends the season by getting Jessica aquitted of any possible murder charges for snapping Kilgrave’s neck.

That has to mean there’s some good in Jeri, right?
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