Jessica Jones Is Back — & She's Got Some Spider-Man Jokes

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix.
Okay, so it technically hasn't been all that long since we've spent time with Jessica Jones; Krysten Ritter's Marvel Comics character appeared in Netflix's The Defenders this past August. But given complaints that she was given little to do in that spin-off series, it's definitely time for the female superhero to shine, solo-style.
We're in luck: Netflix just dropped the trailer for season 2 of Jessica Jones, which will premiere on March 8, 2018. That's almost two-and-a-half years since season 1 made its 2015 debut, but who's keeping track? We're just happy to have her and her black leather jacket back.
Video: Courtesy of Netflix.
According to Ritter, who shared the trailer on social media last night, the superhero-turned-detective has some "unfinished business" to attend to. She's also got shots to sling back (mind those glass shards, girl), thugs to smash up, and hot guys to smooch — in no particular order.
Heart's "Barracuda" makes the perfect badass anthem, but comic book fans are more likely to geek out over this wink-wink reference to fellow Marvel mainstay Spider-Man. "If you say 'with great power comes great responsibility,' I swear I'll throw up on you," Jones cautions with her trademark sass.
Viewers can count on a lot of action in season 2. Ritter has teased that her character will also be dealing with a lot of (emotional) demons.
"We leave Jessica in a very confused place," the actress shared during a 2016 interview on Today. "Her reason for getting up in the morning was this nemesis [David Tennant's Kilgrave], this awful villain and her abuser. And she kills him. And Jessica is not a murderer. She did that, and I think that's going to come with a lot of emotional weight and baggage. We'll see how she deals with that."
You bring the booze, we'll bring the biker jackets.
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