Where Are They Now: 15 Of Your Favorite Celebs From 15 Years Ago

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Let's take a moment to go back. All the way back to the early 2000s. It was a simpler time, when flared jeans still ruled supreme and glitter was everywhere — on your clothes, in your hair, in your makeup.

It was the age of One Tree Hill and The O.C. It was the time when we all cried after watching A Walk to Remember. But here's a question for you: Whatever happened to all your favorite 2000s celebrities? Like, what are they even doing right now? And do they still look as adorable in flared jeans and glitter?

Well, consider this your answer. Kind of. We don't know about the flared-jeans thing, but we do know what your beloved celebrities from the early 2000s are up to.

Click ahead for 15 of your faves from 15 years ago. And prepare for the nostalgia feels to kick in so damn hard.
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2000s Star You Loved: Mya
She was single, sexy, and sweet. Making her own money. Looking for the right party. Yes, I literally just wrote out some lyrics from Mya's hit song "Free" from 2000. But they're still accurate AF.

Mya was equal parts adorable and sexy. She had hit songs like "Case of the Ex," "Lady Marmalade," and "My Love Is Like...Wo." She even sang the hook on "Ghetto Superstar."

Mya also had some killer dance moves, and as the 2000s wore on, she started popping up in movies. Remember her role in Chicago? Well, you do now.
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Where's Mya Now?
She's been very busy. In 2008, Mya created her own independent record label called Planet 9. In 2009, she was actually on Dancing with the Stars, where she came in second place (behind Donny freaking Osmond). Since then, she's been releasing music. Earlier this year, she released an album called Smoove Jones.

The craziest thing that's happened in the last few years? When video leaked of Mya performing at a strip club. It was immediately followed by speculation about her career and her finances.

According to BET, Mya said the story was blown out of proportion and that she was just performing a song in the club. When asked about her finances, Mya said, "I do quite well for myself, but I live a simple life."
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2000s Star You Loved: Shaggy
It's been 16 years since "It Wasn't Me" came out, but you know you still reference it. Hell, if it came on the radio right now, you would start singing it, too. Don't be ashamed. Once upon a time, Shaggy was the man.

With hit songs like "Boombastic" and "Angel," Shaggy was a major star. He was one of the few reggae-fusion singers out there. But then he suddenly disappeared from the scene.
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Where's Shaggy Now?
Shaggy is still making music. According to Billboard, Shaggy took a step back for a few years to give himself a major revamp. That included new management, a new record label, and making new music.

Earlier this year, he released a new song called "I Got You," which he performed on the Today show.

And when Shaggy isn't being Mr. Lover, he's raising money for charity through his Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation. In January, his annual "Shaggy & Friends" benefit concert raised tons of money for Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica.
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2000s Star You Loved: Sisqó
There are few people in this world who can pull off silver hair and red-leather vests and gloves that look Thriller-inspired. But Sisqó tried to be that person for us in the early 2000s.

He will forever be responsible for a spike in thong sales (I can actually prove this). He, Dru Hill, and Will Smith are to blame for making us think we should go straight to the Wild Wild West (we shouldn't have, but it was a damn catchy song). And it was Sisqó who inspired some of our friends to get sun-tattoos around their belly buttons, which was not a good idea.

Ah, Sisqó. Such a simpler time.
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Where Is Sisqó Now?
Sisqó has been very open about his hiatus from music. He's said that he was blacklisted from mainstream music for pushing back against industry politics. This created rumors that he was hard to work with — and kind of killed his career.

In 2015, more than a decade after his second solo album, Return of the Dragon, was released, Sisqó came back with new music — a 13-track album called Last Dragon. Sisqó also created his own music label called Dragon Music Group.

The good news? He's hinted at a Dru Hill reunion — and it's happening at the Soul Train Awards on November 27. The sad news? We still don't quite know what it means to have "dumps like a truck."
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2000s Star You Loved: Ashanti
A very brave writer for The New York Times once compared Ashanti to Beyoncé...and decided that Beyoncé was inferior. (LOL whoever you are.)

But let's be honest: Ashanti was great. Thank you for songs like "Foolish" and "Rain on Me." Thank you for your ongoing collaboration with sing-rapper extraordinaire Ja Rule. Thank you for putting Terrence Howard in your music videos. Thank you for making John Tucker Must Die happen.

But most of all, we thank you for making the 2000s just that much better.
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Where's Ashanti Now?
Ashanti has been super busy. She was in a low-key 10-year relationship with (another sing-rapper) Nelly. Sadly the couple split, and it left Ashanti really upset. She told Meredith Vieira, "I've been betrayed," but didn't elaborate further.

She's also been the unfortunate victim of stalking. Ashanti took her stalker to court, and he was sentenced to four years in prison in March of this year.

In August, Ashanti made headlines when she posted video of an altercation with Ja Rule on Snapchat. In the video, according to Billboard, Ashanti is heard asking, “Why are you asking us to step out of the car? I don’t understand, what is the problem?”

But the good news is that it couldn't have been too serious, since the duo is currently touring together.
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2000s Star You Loved: Chad Michael Murray
Full disclosure: I loved Chad Michael Murray. But didn't we all? Didn't we all know that behind those smizing eyes was a young man who was probably a scoundrel? But we didn't care, did we?

Murray was the star of the hit CW show One Tree Hill. With the series' success came teen crushes like no other. He went on to star as the hot guy in movies like Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story.

He also made major news in 2005 when he married One Tree Hill co-star Sophia Bush. They separated five months later but we're forced to continue working together on the show.
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Where's Chad Michael Murray Now?
These days Murray is married to another former co-star, Sarah Roemer, whom he met while filming Chosen. They even have children! Sorry if that crushes your early-2000s fantasies.

When it comes to his career, Chad Michael Murray has been quite busy. The actor had a small role in the critically acclaimed film Fruitvale Station. He had a small role on Scream Queens and a recurring role on the show Agent Carter.

There's been at least one One Tree Hill reunion. Though it was small and did not include the entire cast (namely Sophia Bush). But at least there's hope for more, right?
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2000s Star You Loved: Vitamin C
Tell the truth: Your graduating class had a photo montage play out to Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever)." And admit it: You would probably still tear up if you listened to the song in its entirety today.

Vitamin C was a ray of light in the late '90s and early 2000s. She had incredible bright-yellow-orange hair. She wore platforms. And she sang songs like "Smile," "The Itch," and "As Long As You're Loving Me."

She even had a small role in that 2001 movie Get Over It (starring Kirsten Dunst) and the movie Rock Star. She also popped up on tons of your favorite shows, like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and The Amanda Show.
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Where's Vitamin C Now?
You guys! I'm going to give this to you slowly. Vitamin C's real name is Colleen Fitzpatrick. And Colleen Fitzpatrick no longer sings pop songs and rocks orange hair.

Vitamin C is now a VP at Nickelodeon.

No, read that correctly. Vitamin C is the vice president of music at Nickelodeon — and has been since 2012. She oversees all music recording for Nickelodeon and its sister networks. She's also in charge of production and performance for Nick Jr., Nicktoons, and TeenNick. On top of that, she manages recording sessions, video shoots, and works with marketing and press to coordinate music initiatives.

How freaking cool is that?! Get it girl!
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2000s Star You Loved: Shane West
It seemed like Shane West popped up out of nowhere — taking over the cover of your Teen People and J-14 without warning. But in fact, Shane West had been working for quite a while.

He spent the '90s on shows like Boy Meets World and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. By the early 2000s, he was in movies like Get Over It and — most notably — 2002's A Walk to Remember. Yes, he is Landon Carter, the popular boy who is sweet and kind deep down inside.

After that, he starred in a string of early-2000s movies, like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But what's happened to Shane West since then?
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Where's Shane West Now?
Well, he's been working nonstop. He's made movies consistently throughout the last decade, but his biggest successes have been on the small screen.

West starred on ER in the mid-2000s — remember, he was Ray Barnett. He also played Michael on the CW show Nikita from 2010 to 2013. These days, he's starring as John Alden on the WGN show Salem, along with Ashley Madekwe.
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2000s Star You Loved: Seann William Scott
Seann William Scott played some version of a "bro" in every movie in the 2000s. Sure, some of the bros were smart and some of them were incredibly idiotic, but they were all bros at the end of the day.

You might remember him best from movies like Dude, Where's My Car?, Final Destination, Old School, The Dukes of Hazzard, and the American Pie series.

But after the mid-aughts, Seann William Scott seemed to disappear.
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Where's Seann William Scott Now?
According to MTV, Scott entered a treatment facility in 2011 to address personal and health issues. By 2012, Scott was openly talking about the fact that he had been typecast throughout his career, thanks in large part to his role as Stifler in American Pie.

Since then, he's been an integral part of the Ice Age series, in which he voices Crash. He's also diving into darker roles for films like Just Before I Go.
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2000s Star You Loved: Jesse Metcalfe
For those who've ever given daytime TV a chance, you probably remember Jesse Metcalfe from the NBC soap opera Passions, where he played Miguel.

But by 2004, Metcalfe was on to bigger projects. He landed a recurring role on the hit show Desperate Housewives. And then he scored a major movie playing the title character in John Tucker Must Die.

But what's happened to John Tucker since then?
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Where's Jesse Metcalfe Now?
He's still working. Metcalfe starred on the show Chase, where he played Luke Watson. He then joined the cast of Dallas from 2012 to 2014, playing Christopher Ewing. He's also been on shows like 2 Broke Girls.

Metcalfe just finished filming two movies: In Stranger Company (co-starring Danny Trejo) and The Ninth Passenger.
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2000s Star You Loved: Frankie Muniz
It's hard to believe, but it's been 16 years since Malcolm in the Middle first aired — in January 2000 — and Frankie Muniz became America's favorite child star.

As Muniz grew up, he started to make movies. Anyone remember Agent Cody Banks with Hilary Duff or Big Fat Liar with Amanda Bynes?

But in 2006, Malcolm in the Middle was over. And Frankie Muniz disappeared from the spotlight.
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Where's Frankie Muniz Now?
He's living a pretty great life. In 2007, at 21 years old, Muniz told People that he was no longer focused on acting, but instead had become a professional race car driver.

In a tweet, Muniz said that he retired from acting with about $40 million in savings. Which is pretty baller. In 2012, he appeared in an episode of Don't Trust The B----- in Apartment 23 as himself. He also popped up in a few Syfy movies, including Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

In 2012 and 2013, Muniz had a few medical scares. He even tweeted that he had suffered a "mini stoke."

But the good news is he's engaged, traveling the world and playing golf (according to his Instagram), and mourning the demolition of the Malcolm in the Middle house. Basically, he's awesome.
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2000s Star You Loved: Mischa Barton
When you look back at yourself 15 years ago, didn't you love Mischa Barton? Didn't you low-key want to be Mischa Barton? She was tall, cool, and starring on the hottest show on TV.

Barton had been working in Hollywood for a long time as a child star. She had small parts in Notting Hill and — as a ghost — in 1999's The Sixth Sense. But it was her role as Marissa Cooper on The O.C. that shot her to superstardom.

When Marissa Cooper was killed off The O.C., Barton seemed to fade away. Whatever happened to your favorite teen queen?
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Where's Mischa Barton Now?
Barton's real life started to mirror the life of Marissa Cooper. By the mid-2000s, Barton became a favorite of paparazzi and tabloids, spotted out with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Barton was arrested on suspicion of DUI and pot possession in 2007, and then put on involuntary psychiatric hold for two weeks in 2009.

That same year, she was on the short-lived Ashton Kutcher-produced CW series The Beautiful Life, which was canceled after two episodes.

Years later, in 2013, Barton told People that she had a "full-on breakdown" in 2009 thanks in part to media scrutiny about her weight. She also opened up about her struggles with anxiety.

Earlier this year, Barton competed on Dancing With the Stars. And she now has six projects in the works, according to her IMDb page. Good for you, Mischa!
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2000s Star You Loved: Eve
Grammy-winning rapper Eve was probably the coolest woman around in the early 2000s. With that short hair — which switched between red and blonde — and two paw-print tattoos, Eve was a badass.

She had megahits like "Let Me Blow Your Mind," "Who's That Girl?" "Tambourine," and "Gangsta Lovin." She became so famous that she transitioned to acting roles in movies like Barbershop. She even had her own TV show, Eve, from 2003 to 2006.

But as time went on, Eve became quiet. Where did the Ruff Ryders' first lady run off to?
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Where's Eve Now?
In 2013, after a 10-year music hiatus, Eve came back with a new album called Lip Lock.

But that's not even the best news: Eve is now married to a billionaire. That's right, everyone's favorite Ruff Ryder went on to marry British designer Maximillion Cooper in 2014.

You should check out images from their wedding in Ibiza, by the way, because she looks incredibly happy!

These days she travels the world with her husband (check out her dope Instagram) and occasionally joins old pal Gwen Stefani for performances. Basically, she's #winning.
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2000s Star You Loved: Ben McKenzie
There are two types of people in the world: Those who loved Seth Cohen and those who loved Ryan Atwood. If you were in the Ryan Atwood fan club, you loved his bangs, his tank tops, and his chokers. You even loved the way he got into fights at bonfires because that's who he was.

Ben McKenzie brought everyone's favorite troubled teen heartthrob to life on The O.C.

But when the show ended, Ben McKenzie and his cute smile seemed to disappear, too.
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Where's Ben McKenzie Now?
Ben McKenzie has been enjoying a pretty successful acting career on TV, years after The O.C. ended.

McKenzie earned major acclaim for his role on the drama Southland, where he played a rookie cop. Since then, he's held the leading role on the hit Fox series Gotham, where he plays a young (and very handsome) Det. James Gordon.

He also happens to be in a relationship with Morena Baccarin, who you know best from shows like Homeland and the blockbuster movie Deadpool. The couple just welcomed their first child earlier this year.
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2000s Star You Loved: Jesse McCartney
Once upon a time, Jesse McCartney was everywhere — on your magazine covers, on your TV, on your iPod, and even in your dreams.

From 2003 to 2005, he was everyone's crush. He earned a hit single with his album Beautiful Soul, and starred in shows like Summerland and Greek.

But where did he go?
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Where's Jesse McCartney Now?
So, Jesse McCartney has a pretty cool life. In 2007, when everyone was singing along to Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love," McCartney was counting checks. Why? Because he wrote the song.

In 2008, he released another album, called Departure, which included the hit song "Leavin'" — it's okay, you can admit to singing it. Everyone did.

Since then, he's starred on shows like Young and Hungry and been the voice of Theodore in the Alvin and the Chipmunks series. He's also been the voice of Robin/Nightwing on the show Young Justice since 2010.

Most recently, McCartney played Red on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He also seems to be friends with Zendaya, which is pretty cool in its own right.
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2000s Star You Loved: Mandy Moore
Can we all agree that Mandy Moore is an American treasure? Remember when she made you cry in A Walk to Remember? Remember when she left you feeling personally victimized in The Princess Diaries? How about when she was the president's daughter in Chasing Liberty?

Let's not forget that Mandy Moore is also responsible for the happiest of songs, "Candy." Also, that music video featured several VW Bugs and maybe made them cool again?

In any case, she's the best. She's a hero. Iconic. Does she even need to do more?
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Where's Mandy Moore Now?
Guess what? National hero Mandy Moore hasn't stopped being a national hero. She starred on Grey's Anatomy in 2010 as Mary Portman. That same year, she was the voice of Rapunzel in one of the best movies ever, Tangled.

She's also been on shows like Red Band Society, and is currently starring on This Is Us.
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