Your Guide To Watching Atlanta Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
As nearly every awards show has signaled, Atlanta is one of the best comedies out there. With the surrealism of Twin Peaks and the unapologetic Blackness that has become the signature of creator-sometimes-director-star Donald Glover, the FX series doesn’t feel like anything else on TV.
Unfortunately, that uniqueness has also led to some prospective fans not totally understanding the concept of Glover’s brainchild. In fact, I had a conversation just last week where I found out a Donald Glover obsessive didn’t realize until this year Atlanta was a half-hour comedy. Thinking it would be an intense, energy draining hour-long drama, she skipped season 1 entirely since the world is already soul-sucking enough in this political climate. And, this is from someone who loves Donald Glover. Imagine what everyone who just likes him thinks.
But, everyone should watch Atlanta season 2, premiering Thursday, March 1, with the subtitle Robbin' Season — not just people who have already binged the genre-smashing series. To help make that a little bit easier, we put together the explainer you need for the comedy’s freshman year, from the wonderful cast of characters to the biggest plot points. Keep reading to get the refresher course you need on the show everyone will be talking about.
And, even if you watched Atlanta season 1 with the rest of us, you’re probably going to need to click along. After all, season finale “The Jacket” aired well over a year ago in November 2016.
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