Where We Left Off With Netflix's Best Superhero Show, Jessica Jones

Photo: Courtesy of David Giesbrecht/Netflix.
Television’s hottest trend right now is bringing back shows that haven’t been on our screens since the 2016 presidential election was far from decided. First it was UnReal, then it was Atlanta, now it’s Jessica Jones’ turn. The world hasn’t been gifted with a new season of the Netflix superhero show since November 2015, which was so long ago, no one had even said “But her emails” yet. So, essentially, it’s been an eternity.
Thankfully, in good news for people everywhere who enjoy some snark with their comic book series, Jessica Jones season 2 will debut on Thursday, March 8. The new run of episodes promises to delve into where the Marvel show’s titular heroine, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), got her superpowers, which is one of the drama’s greatest mysteries. But, to actually care about solving such a big riddle, viewers have to remember what the heck happened in Jessica Jones season 1. If you can’t recall all the drama about Jessica’s past, how could its resolution even matter?
That’s why we put together a little reminder of where we left off with all of Jessica’s characters, from its eponymous, high-jumping hero to its insidious villain Kilgrave (David Tennant), who previews confirm will be back in some way or another. So, keep reading for the walk down Jessica Jones lane everyone needs before season 2.
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