This Is The Most Outrageous Thing Bella Thorne Has Ever Done On Snapchat

Looking for an entertaining Snapchat story to brighten up your hump day? When it comes to celebs, there are a few key places to go: Spencer Pratt, Chrissy Teigen, and Bella Thorne. Each channel is vastly different, but they're all equally mesmerizing. Yet, on a scale of tame to batshit wild, Pratt and Teigen tend to fall far behind Thorne.

If you’re not an avid watcher, here’s a breakdown on what you can find on their Snapchats today: Pratt continues to detail and record his relationship with a hummingbird named Allen. Meanwhile, tipsy Teigen and hair extensions had a dual and her daughter Luna recognized her dad, John Legend, on the cover of Time. But Thorne’s most recent videos are on a whole different level. And while we totally expect outrageous content from the 19-year-old, last night’s Snapchat story was not what we saw coming.

“Oh my god this is going to hurt so bad,” you hear Thorne say to the camera in one of the first clips. The camera is on her face, but there’s no real indication of where she is — wait, there is! If you look down below her cringing face, you’ll see this caption: “First time getting waxed.” Dear sweet lord above, this can’t be, you may think to yourself. Oh, but it is. Thorne used the social media platform to document her first bikini waxing experience and, despite how invasive it seems, most of us can relate to her body jolts and shrieks of pain.

Photo: Via @bellathornedab/Snapchat.
Photo: Via @bellathornedab/Snapchat.

Sure, it does make us the fly on the wall we wish we never were — and yes, some may say it feels too personal for her Snapchat audience — but this is the Famous in Love actress in her true form: raw, honest, and outrageous. And at this point, we don’t expect the star to keep the most private moments to herself. She even told the host of MTV's podcast Happy Sad Confused, “My social media to me is how I pay my bills,” — so how shocked can we be?

Besides, this isn’t the first time a celebrity brought a camera into an intimate appointment. Khloé Kardashian once let Kourtney wax her bikini line on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If you think getting this done in front of your best friend and an iPhone is a little much, just imagine ripping off hot pieces of wax in front of a full camera crew with mics on. Either way, keep doing you, Thorne — and may we suggest taking two ibuprofen before heading to the salon next time.

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