Chrissy Teigen Struggling With Her Hair Extensions While Drunk Is All Of Us

Chrissy Teigen is completely and utterly relatable... except for the fact that she’s a supermodel with mad cooking chops and a Grammy award-winning husband named John Legend. All that aside, Chrissy is basically us. Remember that one time she posted to her Snapchat as she drunkenly waited for Legend to take off her necklace? We all laughed along knowing that we, too, have struggled with our own jewelry. Well, it looks like Teigen is back at it again, only this time her issue was with her hair extensions.
As People magazine reports, the debacle unfolded on her Snapchat story. Teigen, who currently has a lob haircut, traded her short waves for a longer look on a night out. Innocent enough, right? But in the clip, she was rolling around on the ground in a white bodysuit, begging her assistant to help her remove her hair extensions.
We understand the pain and agony. Undoing extensions is no easy feat, especially after one or two glasses of Chardonnay. We can barely take out our bobby pins after happy hour, let alone a full head of hair extensions. At the time, Teigen announced, “Now hiring: new assistants to take my hair out, cause this one sucks." She jokingly reflected on her remarks the next morning, confirming her search for a new assistant was still on.
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