Why Bella Thorne Does ALL Her Own Makeup

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This week, actress Bella Thorne made her debut in Freeform’s latest effort to prepare you for the end of Pretty Little Liars: Famous In Love. Thorne, who plays the heroine Paige Townsen, is currently make the rounds promoting the new program. In an intimate interview with Yahoo Style, she shared an unexpected fact: She does all of her own makeup.
“Do you know how rare that is? I did my own makeup today,” she shared. “Anytime I’m wearing makeup, just know that I’m doing it. I got dermatitis from working on a movie, and I’ll never let that happen again. Especially on movies, they don’t use the right products, and my skin is allergic to a bunch of stuff,” Thorne told Yahoo Style.
That skin rash was likely caused by dirty makeup brushes. In 2016, model Anthea Page also discussed a similar sanitary debacle after contracting an eye infection from a makeup artist. (Now might be a good time to remind everyone to wash their makeup brushes.)
Since the incident, Thorne has been adamant about keeping strangers’ hands, brushes, and other tools away from her face. In fact, she’s so strict with her facial care that she also refused to do touch-ups.
“I don’t care if my nose is shiny. Please don’t touch me. So what? I’m playing a teenager. My nose is shiny,” she said. Fair.
In 2016, Thorne also spoke with Refinery29 about her battles with acne and, of course, her makeup routine. Scary dermatitis episode aside, it’s clear Thorne has a knack for highlighting and contouring.
"I learn some of it from tutorials, I learn some just by trying something out and being like, 'Whoa, that does work!' For example, really underlining the brow with a thick layer of white pencil. Everybody knows that, so I don't know why I wasn't doing it earlier!
"Then, I have also seen some crazy tricks, like when the girl contours with the shoe — she contours her entire face with a shoe! I was thinking, Wait, does that work? Should I pull out a Louboutin? [laughs]."
Considering the fact that our makeup brushes are a hotbed for bacteria, in some cases, a used Louboutin might even be cleaner than years-old makeup tools. Just saying.

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