This Might Be The Most Ridiculous Contouring Tutorial Yet

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Okay, guys. We're requesting a hard stop on these ridiculous contouring trends (oh, wait, we already did that almost a year ago). And yet, they persist — and have only managed to get more ridiculous. Recently, it seems that people have run out of body parts to sculpt, and are now focusing their attention on the actual process. Tape, spoons, and even a knife (yes, a knife) have been brought in to help you improve upon the Kardashian-popularized technique. The latest tool the beauty sphere is talking about isn't as easily accessible as the above items. In fact, it'll set you back, oh, several hundred dollars. We're talking about a Christian Louboutin heel. In a video posted on her Instagram account, beauty vlogger SadiaSlayy shows herself applying makeup with the help of a skyscraper-tall Louboutin pump. She first uses the shoe as a guide to draw two perfectly straight lines on her cheeks. She then places it in the center of her nose and proceeds to sculpt either side. After some concealer and highlighter, along with impeccable blending, Sadia reveals her impressively beat face. Chances are, you can get the same results with the help of anything that has a straight line. Think: piece of paper, ruler, pencil, book, notebook, laptop, postcard, index card, debit card, you get the point. (And, by the way, they're all way more hygienic than a shoe.) But, if you have a stray stiletto lying around that you feel the need to use as a straight edge while you sculpt, be our guest. Just maybe clean it first.

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