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What I Learned After I Did 5 Straight Days Of Yoga

Lucie tries five days of yoga, exploring this ancient practice to improve her physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

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Since its origins thousands of years ago, the term "yoga" has been applied to a variety of different practices and methods. I used to have a very particular idea of what yoga should be — a quiet, zen and personal practice involving intense focus and deep breathing. After hearing a coworker rave about yoga and what it does for his body and mind, I've been pushing myself to go to class. A few months back, I said I wanted to do yoga at least two times a week — in an effort to reach that oneness that's so specific to yoga. But I have been totally unable to actually make it to class regularly. I didn't want to give up, though. I thought maybe my inability to keep up the habit meant that I just hadn't found my practice yet. There are truly so many different ways to do yoga. So, this week, I tried five different methods of yoga across five days. From a sweat-dripping hip-hop class at Y7 Yoga to a vinyasa flow atop a paddle board on the Hudson River, I explored this physical, mental, and spiritual practice with curiosity and zeal. And in the end, a cool thing happened: I realized yoga doesn't have to be one thing. Since my experiment, I've finally been able to incorporate yoga into my life, keeping it interesting by constantly trying new types. No wonder yoga is often referred to as an evolving practice. Join me on my journey and let me know of any other types of yoga that you love! Namaste.
Types Of Yoga Classes Lucie Fink Social ExperimentReleased on November 7, 2016

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