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If 2016 Was A Tough Year, Celebrate Its End By Giving Back

Lucie celebrates 2016 by giving back at an animal shelter, a school, and a soup kitchen.

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After a year filled with joy and love, I decided to use my five-day challenges for some good. This week, I challenged myself to five days of giving and volunteering, attempting to help and thank as many people (and animals) as I possibly could. I visited a soup kitchen to serve breakfast to those in need, I cleaned puppy cages and socialized with the animals at Animal Haven, I joined a third grade classroom to teach the students about my role at Refinery29, and more. Perhaps the most touching moment of my week was when I visited the home of an elderly woman through Visiting Neighbors, an organization that provides elderly people with a few hours of company each week. I don't have any living grandparents, so I truly valued spending time and conversing with someone who has experienced so much of life. Join my exciting and love-filled journey, and let me know through Instagram (@LucieBFink) how you give back and volunteer in your local communities!
How To Volunteer - Guide To Volunteering GivingReleased on December 17, 2016

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