Try Living with Lucie
How 5 Days Of Self-Care Affected My Life

Lucie Fink spends five days learning how to incorporate self-care into her life.

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This year started out a bit rocky for me. I'm not quite sure why, but something about getting back into the groove after a long holiday break didn't exactly feel like a seamless transition. After a mediocre January, I finally pulled myself out of the funk by dedicating a ton of energy to self-care. I started cooking more food at home, doing lots of yoga, and spending quality time with friends and family. I stopped worrying about why I was feeling so off and instead did the things that might help me feel like myself again.
In Try Living with Lucie, my 5-day challenge series on Refinery29, I frequently explore topics that I know little to nothing about. This week, however, I wanted to explore a topic that I've become quite familiar with: self-care.
To do this, I made a post on Instagram asking my followers to let me know how they practice self-care, and the wide range of responses I got was eye-opening. Clearly, every mind and body requires a different style and level of personal care. In this episode, I tried to explore it all — well, as much as I could fit into five days.
From a massage and signature nail art experience at Chillhouse, to an herbal consultation and guided sound bath meditation at Naturopathica, I explored many of NYC's finest self-care opportunities mixed with some DIY, at-home experiments. (Did you know that a sound bath at home — in your bathtub — can be quite relaxing? I do now.)
Check out my video to see how practicing self-care for five days in a row changed my life.
Try Living With Lucie Fink - Types Of Self CareReleased on March 20, 2018

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