Try Living with Lucie
5 Easy Ways To Actually Slow Down & Practice Mindfulness

Watch Lucie Fink switch up her daily routine to beat stress and build habits of awareness.

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No matter how many meditation apps we may download (and swear we'll actually use), we're all guilty of not giving ourselves enough time to hit pause on our hectic routines. And even if we believe ourselves when we say "I can fit it into my schedule," to every single work and social commitment, without fail, the stress, anxiety, and exhaustion always gets the best of us — including Refinery29's very own Lucie Fink.
For this episode of Try Living With Lucie, Lucie took on the ultimate feat: detaching from her hectic routine to slow down and learn the art of mindfulness. Over the course of five days, she tried everything from starting the morning with breathing exercises and a cup of Japanese Green Tea (known for its mindfulness benefits) to decluttering her apartment and even stashing away all technology (yes, actually!). Watch above, and see which pointers you can add to your own mindfulness practice. Anyone game for a "no phone" challenge?
How To Practice Mindfulness, According To Lucie FinkReleased on October 26, 2018

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