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I Tried 5 Non-Traditional Massages — Here's What I Learned

Lucie put five non-traditional massages to the test. Here's what she learned.

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Getting massaged is a rare treat for me — the few times I've splurged have been while taking a relaxing vacation, or when my muscles are sore and I’m looking for a quick fix. A few months ago, however, I came across an article by Refinery29 health writer Cory Stieg that really stuck with me. It was about why paying for a massage every once and a while might actually be justifiable because of the potential physical and mental health benefits that come with massages.
Through her reporting, Cory learned that having regular massage sessions can help with physiological function, mental acuity, migraines, and even symptoms of depression. Thus, I was inspired to try five days of different massages, selecting treatments that focused on healing different parts of the body, mind, and soul. A couple of caveats before we dive in:
#1: Even if massages can have potential health benefits, they should not replace traditional medicine. If you're concerned about a health issue, hit up your doctor first.
#2: I wouldn't normally get these massages back-to-back for five days in a row. It's best for our bodies to relax between treatments, so the format of this video is more for you all to watch and learn.
#3: I live in NYC where the treatment possibilities are endless. I could only select five for the video, so I encourage you to share your favorite types of massages in the comments section if I didn't try it.
One more thing: I made sure that I chose a set of diverse practitioners who used a variety of modalities and specialized in massage treatments that people don't normally try (like deep-tissue or Swedish massages). Check out the video and learn more about the potential health benefits of massage.
Lucie Fink Tries 5 Days Of MassagesReleased on April 27, 2018

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