Winter Is Coming: Sex Toys For All You Game Of Thrones Fans

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Game of Thrones’ final season is here, and enthusiasm for all things Westeros is at an all-time high. You can buy Game of Thrones Oreos, Game of Thrones eyeshadow palettes, Game of Thrones sneakers… and Game of Thrones sex toys. Yes, you can use a real dildo based on Jon Snow’s sword to “stick ‘em with the pointy end” (don't worry, it's not that pointy).
Geeky Sex Toys launched a Game of Thrones-inspired sex toy collection last year, appropriately called "Game of Moans," and some of these toys are still available for purchase. But there are also some sex toys on the market that are either inspired by Game of Thrones, or have a few things in common with certain Game of Thrones characters (who knew that there were so many dragon dildo fans out there?). Not to mention all the sexy Game of Thrones costumes and lingerie.
Here, we’ve gathered together some sex toys and accessories that would be right at home in Westeros — you can make your own “sexposition," roleplay as your favorite hot characters, or just replay your favorite sex scene in your mind.
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This dragon egg doubles as a butt plug.
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For Jon Snow fans, this dildo sword comes with a bonus direwolf handle. “You know nothin’ until you have experienced orgasmic sensations with this dildo sword,” reads the product description.
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Daenerys-loving BDSM fans might enjoy this dragon egg gag. Plus, via Geeky Sex Toys, “according to legend you only need buckle this up once to become the Mother of Dragons.”
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Another sex toy for Mothers of Dragons: the appropriately-named “Dro-dong.” (“Unleash your inner Khaleesi and mount this magnificent beast today”).
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Winter is here with this Night King dildo — and, bonus, it glows in the dark.
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Or, if you'd prefer a lowly White Walker instead of the Night King himself, how about this zombie dildo?
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Bad Dragon offers a number of other dragon-inspired sex toys, like this “Hunter” dildo (with customizable colors, finishes, and firmness).
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...and if dragons aren’t your thing, how about a direwolf dildo?
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Speaking of direwolves, this vibrating butt plug is meant to be a fox tail, but it would look right at home on Ghost.
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Onto lingerie! These cute “winter is coming” undies are great for a double entendre.
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Step up your Dany/Khal Drogo (or Dany/Jon Snow, we’re not judging) roleplay with this sexy costume.
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You can add a costume change to your Daenerys roleplay scenario.
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There are also more budget-friendly “sexy Daenerys” options out there.
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If you’re just not a Dany fan, how about this Melisandre-inspired look?
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Or Margaery? (RIP)
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Or the Sand Snakes?
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Or even Jon Snow. After all, he does know *one* thing...
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With a little imagination, this bondage chair could be the Iron Throne.
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This glass dildo was made to resemble ice... so go ahead and indulge in those Night King fantasies.

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