Winter Is Over, But Game Of Thrones Oreos Are Coming — To A Store Near You

Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Dexter.
We've known for a while that a Game of Thrones and Oreo collaboration was coming, sure as winter. When the news first broke on Instagram in late February, it only became a matter of counting down the days to when we’d finally be able to taste them (and tune into the final season of Game of Thrones six days later).
As of April 8th, these cookies will be available wherever Oreos are sold. They’ll come in four designs each featuring an embossment emblematic of one of the Great Houses: a dragon for the Targaryens, a wolf for the Starks, a lion for the Lannisters, and and a fourth design depicting a White Walker.
Now is the time to put some serious thought into your Game of Thrones premiere snack board and stock up on wine for triumphant swigging à la Sophie Turner. These Oreo’s will fit right in among your brown bread slices and meat pies.
Oreo also partnered with the folks behind the show’s epic opening credits to create a 2,750-cookie version of the the soon-to-go-off-air sequence. Oreo will also be giving fans opportunities to win treats and prizes until the end of the season if they use the hashtags #GameofCookie and #ForTheThrone.
These embossed cookies are the latest in a long history of special edition Oreos. We’ll never forget the green-frosted Oreos we saw in 2000 just in time for the release of the now-unforgettable Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey. More iconic still, were the Oreo Magic Dunkers that changed the color of your milk.

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