Adidas Just Launched Game Of Thrones-Inspired Running Shoes

If you’ve spent the past few months binging Game of Thrones to pass time during treadmill or elliptical workouts, this latest sneaker drop will make you run like there's wildfire coming for you. Ahead of the season premiere on April 14, Adidas recently launched a line of Ultraboost running sneakers inspired by the show.
There are six different styles that represent facets of the show: Night's Watch, House Lannister, House Stark, White Walker, and two shoes for House Targaryen. Since the shoes launched on March 22, many of the styles have sold out — including the killer light blue White Walkers’ shoes, which have a tag that reads, "winter is here." However, the available models, House Lannister and Night's Watch, are still fit for any Mother of Dragons in training.
The House Lannister shoe features a vibrant red PrimeKnit upper, with gilded shiny details in the logo, perhaps to represent the Lannister’s wealth. There’s also a tag on the heel that reads "hear me roar," and the inserts show the iconic Game of Thrones logo when the shoes are side by side. The other style that you can get right now is a nod to the Night’s Watch, and it has a more durable sole that’s designed for running in wet or dry conditions. The heel tag says "night watch," and it also has a logo printed on the inserts.
Predictably, one of the House Targaryen shoes has a red-to-orange faded PrimeKnit upper for "fire and blood," which is printed on the heel, and the other is all white to mimic their hair. Finally, the House Stark shoes are a utilitarian grey to represent Winterfell's muted color palette. It's unclear when these sold out models will be restocked, so keep a close watch on Adidas' website.
Even if you're not a Game of Thrones fan, these Adidas sneakers are a great choice for runners. Thanks to the responsive yet cushioned Ultraboost sole, the sneakers provide a lot of bounce and energy with each step that you take. Adidas has used the Ultraboost technology in a number of different styles, including high-cut and laceless sneakers, so there's bound to be something that fits your gym vibe. Although, the Game of Thrones shoes are an undeniably cool way to strike up a conversation with a fellow super fan in your favorite workout class.
Whether you're running away from White Walkers, learning how to fight in combat, riding your horse, or just watching Game of Thrones on your couch, you're going to want to cop these styles fast. And if you miss out, well, you can always buy Game of Thrones makeup for after your sweat session.

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