A Comprehensive Guide To Ruby Rose's 50+ Tattoos

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
Ruby Rose doesn't mind that her haircut or penchant for snapback hats means she often gets mistaken for Justin Bieber, but there is one discrepancy she would like to make clear: She runs laps around the singer on the tattoo front. "I am far more hardcore," the model-slash-actress has told Ryan Seacrest, adding that her collection once tallied more than 60 designs. That was 2015.
Since then, Rose has added (and begrudgingly removed) a handful more, so it's no wonder that tracking her body art is harder than keeping up with the relationships on Orange Is The New Black. So we've rounded up some of Rose's most prominent designs, and — because khaki-colored prison suits aren't all that revealing — others you may not even know about, ahead.
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Left Ear

1. "LOVE"
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Right Ear

2. Four star designs
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3. "…And breathe"
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4. "Maybe She's Born With It..."

5. Deck of cards

6. A crown by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

7. "SMILE" in cursive script
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Hips & Right Leg

8. FX character Sterling Archer

9. Rosary-inspired necklace

10. Unicorn and the name "Lauren"
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12. Her dog's name, "King"

13. "MTV"

14. DIY

15. Her dog, Bubbles

16. "Here"
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Left Forearm

17. Woman's portrait

18. "831"

19. Ladybug

20. Heart and banner with the name "Dita Parlow"

21. Alien

22. Intertwined Pisces and Capricorn zodiac signs

23. "Truth"
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Left Arm

24. Graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

25. "Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are"

26. "Let Go Let God"

27. Gumby cartoon
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Left Ribcage

28. Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" lyrics: "So close no matter how far / couldn't be much more / from the heart / forever trusting who we are / and / nothing else matters"
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Right Forearm

29. Tiger

30. "Danke Schön" (German for "Thank You Very Much")

31. Red diamond

32. Rainbow-colored "Trust in God"

33. Cross

34. Swirls

35. "13"

36. Star, peace symbol, heart, smiley face

37. "LIFE"
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Right Arm

38. Cross atop varied designs

39. Red and yellow Koi fish

40. Samurai Pizza Cats' anime character Polly Esther

41. Leonardo Ninja Turtle

42. Astro Boy cartoon
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Right Ribcage

43. Rat
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44. Flying bird

45. "Nothing takes away the past like the future"

46. British comic book character Tank Girl

47. Phoebe + Ruby in red heart

48. Skeleton key

49. "Run With Wild Horses"

50. "The Thorn"

51. Boxing gloves with lightning bolts

52. "Lionel" for her godfather Lion Rose

53. Rose and thorns (her first tattoo)

54. White rabbit from Alice & Wonderland

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