Ruby Rose Just Revealed Why She Actually Got This Undercut

Ruby Rose is constantly giving us hair envy with her wardrobe of vivid magenta colors, rainbow braids, and ultra-sharp bobs. But, as the actress shared on Instagram this weekend, even she has #haircutfails in her closet — and they couldn’t be more relatable.
“I had a great Barber but while traveling used someone else and he kinda slid and made a crooked line and my OCD couldn't handle it so I thought it better to just keep shaving away and put a whole triangle there so it looked straighter,” she wrote. Who hasn’t been there when chopping bangs — or even doing a cat eye?
That's why Rose’s next all-caps reveal is even more on point: “WE DON’T TALK ABOUT HOW HARD THAT WAS TO GROW OUT. WE DO NOT MENTION IT IN THIS HOUSE.”
That’s right, the rad triangular shave on Rose’s hairline? A total accident. Not that we could tell — we still think the look is totally badass and right up there on our list of pinworthy buzzcut goals.
This isn’t the first time Rose has shared her beauty fails with fans. Just a few months back, she took to social media to share her girlfriend’s gift of a bath bomb — which immediately fell flat in the water. On the upshot, her commentary was effervescent as ever.
Even with awesome girlfriends and the most covetable hair on the planet, there’s something comforting about knowing that celebrities suffer haircut nightmares just like the rest of us. But the real takeaway? There’s no better way to own it than with a good-natured mindset — or a killer post to the ‘gram.

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