Ruby Rose & Jessica Origliasso's Bath Bomb Fail Is All Of Us

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage.
Bath bombs are so much more than a flashy way to soak. The dreamy swirls of unicorn colors, effervescent fizz, and therapeutic scents have an unforeseen magical prowess known to induce pure and utter bliss — all distinctly part of the experience. Imagine, then, how you would feel having that happiness stripped away with a single drop of one less-than-stellar sphere. The horror! And that is exactly what happened to Ruby Rose and her girlfriend, Jessica Origliasso.
Last night, the couple had planned a seemingly romantic nighttime bath — complete with a tub the size of a New York City kitchen and flashes of (potentially disorienting) green lights. The pair, seemingly excited to share a video of what was sure to be a moment of unadulterated eye-candy for fans, uploaded the first post to Rose's Instagram story. "When you're lady gets you a bath bomb..." she captioned. But when she plopped the pink orb into the water, she was met with a major case of beauty disappointment. (Hey, we all know how that feels.)
What happened thereafter was the worst case scenario in the world of bath bombs: nothing. It didn't fizz. It didn't transform into rings of pastel shimmer. It remained still at the bottom of the tub, motionless. "What'd you give me?" Rose asked Origliasso, who defended that it was a bath bomb. "No, it doesn't do the bath bomb thing!" What followed was a series of hilarious commentary and corresponding videos provided by the pair.
"I thought it would fizz up," you can hear Origliasso saying in the background. "I think [the pink one] just melts." Then came take two. Rose held up a second, snowball-looking sphere and dropped it in the tub. "Be free, bath bomb," Rose said. And while this one did see some bubbles — we'd compare it to the level of fizz you'd get from a soda pop before it goes flat — she noted the effervescence wasn't nearly as epic as the night prior. (It sounds like she went to some kind of bath bomb viewing party. Where was our invite?)
"This bath bomb looks like it's actually drowning. The other one fizzed across the corner and created a rainbow," Rose said. "That's what I wanted to show my 10 million friends on Instagram. Now I'm just showing them a very sad bath." For tub enthusiasts, we understand that there is nothing worse than that.

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