Chrissy Teigen Just Finished Her Second Cookbook

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Update: After over a year of following Chrissy Teigen as she tested recipes on tour with John Legend, polled Twitter users on what dishes they want to learn to make, and went to great lengths to bake the most perfect banana bread, the project that she did it all for is finally done. Today, in the midst of planning her daughter Luna's second birthday party, Teigen tweeted to say, "I have officially finished my second cookbook." Because of our diligent social media stalking, we already know what some of the photos going into the new cookbook look like. However, we are still missing a few key details about the book, like its title and official release date. Now that we know it's finished, though, it can't be too much longer until we get those last pieces of information.
This story was originally published on April 12, 2017.
Chrissy Teigen is one of the world's most relatable celebrities — let's not forget the time she shared that scarring cashew experience or her personal push present with the world — so it makes perfect sense that her food philosophy is all about accessibility. (If you need proof just check out her rant about Bloomin' Onions.) Her first cookbook, Cravings, taught us which hot sauces to stock in our kitchen, how to make our biscuits fluffier, and that having fun while we cook is really what it's all about. Even before we had a chance to try out every recipe in the book, we were already looking forward to our favorite celeb foodie’s next cookbook release.
Not long after Cravings was released last year, Teigen began brainstorming recipe ideas for another cookbook, and ever since then, we’ve been eagerly waiting at the edge of our seats. But, in an essay for Glamour Magazine last month, Chrissy Teigen spoke out about her struggle with postpartum depression in her usual refreshingly frank tone. Teigen revealed that she had decided to hit pause on her new cookbook, and while we were sad to hear that she had to take time off from doing what she loves, we were happy that she was taking care of herself and extremely grateful that she was sharing her experience.
Refinery29 recently spoke with Teigen, and we got a big update on Cravings Part 2. It looks like the model, mom, and bestselling cookbook author is getting back in the kitchen. She told us, “I just started working on the cookbook again yesterday. As I talked about in my essay, I was going through a really dark time, so I had started the cookbook, and then I had to completely put it on pause, because it was a lot for me. So as of yesterday, I started doing really great, and I really got back into the mode of cooking. I've been emailing my editor and co-editor non-stop for the past two days making these recipes and brainstorming and I'm having so much fun. I'm really starting to feel like myself again. I'm going to try to knock out a bunch of recipes, go on tour with John and Luna, live on this tour bus, and then come back, do a few more recipes, shoot the cookbook, and then have it out for everybody by the beginning of next year.” Everyone craving more Cravings, rejoice.
Of course, it might be difficult to wait until next year to get our hands on another book full of her quippy writing and practical recipes, but she’s not just going to leave us hanging. As anyone who follows the food guru on social media knows, Teigen has recently been posting photos, videos, and tweets that allow fans to join her in the kitchen as she works on what’s next. In just the past three days, Chrissy has taken a poll on what kind of spoonbread we want to see in the book — and explained what in the world spoonbread is, worked on perfecting cheesy chicken fried steak, showed off how she likes to peel and slice her avocados, and more.
Getting to see her process unfold makes us forget all about having to wait until 2018 for more recipes.

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