Chrissy Teigen Is Working On Her Cookbook While On Tour With John Legend

Photo: Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
John Legend is currently touring the country putting on what we’re sure are incredible shows night after night. We can only imagine how hard the talented artist is working, but he’s actually not the only one in the family putting in the hours while on the road. Chrissy Teigen tagged along on tour with her husband, and as they’ve traveled from Miami all the way up through the southeast, Texas, and now on to Arizona, she has been trying to finish up her second cookbook.
Though Teigen has days that seem to be all about fun — according to her Snapchat, while in Florida, she pet turtles with Luna and got a henna tattoo with a stranger — she’s also been looking for every opportunity to test recipes for the cookbook. Chrissy recently explained to People that while on tour, she and John have tried to stay in houses instead of hotels whenever possible so that she has a place to work. She said, “I’m trying to finish up the cookbook and I need a kitchen! I want to tweet like, ‘Anyone hear in Clearwater have a kitchen I can use? I have to finish this book!'” We’re pretty sure Teigen would get plenty of generous responses if she actually tweeted such a request, but so far she hasn’t gotten that desperate.
Though Chrissy hasn't taken to begging on social media, she has shown off some of her one-the-road cooking sessions. Last week while in Nashville, Teigen first hit up the iconic hot chicken restaurant Hattie B's and then spent some time in the kitchen. She posted a video to Twitter that showed John looking longing at a pot of simmering short ribs. The cookbook author wrote in the tweet, "Got a little house in Nashville for the day and working on the cookbook on the road - sweet and spicy short ribs over sweet potato mash!"
There's still no official word on when we can expect to see Chrissy Teigen's second cookbook hitting bookstore shelves next year, but we're glad she's keeping us updated on her work through social media. And, we're definitely impressed that she's diligently plugging away at the project even while on the road with her family.

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