People Tried To Drag Chrissy Teigen For "Not Knowing" What Galangal Is

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Chrissy Teigen sent out a tweet this morning that was misunderstood by her Twitter followers — and things went downhill from there. The tweet contained a poll designed to help her with recipe planning for her upcoming cookbook, Cravings 2. The poll Teigen shared asked them, “can you get galangal where you live?” and the answer options included, "yes I can," "no I cannot," and in the most Chrissy Teigen fashion, "what the fuck is galangal?"
Almost immediately after Teigen posted the poll to Twitter, people began basically dragging her because they assumed she didn't know what galangal is. The top comment under her tweet says, “@GordonRamsay help a girl out.”
Teigen, understandably, wasn't having it.
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For the record, galangal is a root that’s similar to ginger and is often used in Thai cooking to make soups and curries. While you might not have known that, Chrissy Teigen did. Not only is she a best-selling cookbook author, but she’s also half Thai, so don’t step to her when it comes to galangal, okay? She doesn’t need any help in the Thai cooking department, even if it is coming from Chef Gordon Ramsay.
Always one to stick up for herself, Chrissy quickly followed up with a tweet that clarified what she meant when she created the poll. She wrote, "(I know what galangal is. I am wondering if you personally can get it in your area. want a cookbook everyone can use!)"
This isn’t the first time Teigen has asked Twitter for input on her next cookbook. Back in April, she asked her followers "which sounds better to your belly? butternut squash spoonbread or pumpkin spoonbread?" That time, she anticipated that her question could confuse, and added a line to the end of the tweet that read, "also, before u ask" followed by a screenshot of Wikipedia’s definition of spoonbread. Apparently, her cooking-splaining followers haven't yet learned that Teigen doesn't need their help unless she asks for it — directly.

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