An Embalmer Turned Model Turned Fashion Designer


During our daily internet trollings we came upon Laura Flook, who, like our headline above so succinctly puts it, was an embalmer who became a model that now designs clothes. Her name popped up on lingerie blog, A Slip Of A Girl, along with a picture of Flook lying on a mortuary table. Charming. Apparently, she's been featured on the Discovery Channel's show
, which chronicles the comings-and-goings of East Village shop Obscura Antiques and Oddities, a store dedicated to "the weird world of strange and extraordinary science artifacts." So much we didn't know! Flook was on an episode looking for a mortuary table, then pops back up on TV searching for a medical corset. Duly intrigued, we checked out her site, where we found very funereal, Victorian-inspired garments that are a mixture of Morticia Adams, Victoria's Secret, and Olivier Twist. Click on over to see velvet babydoll dresses, taffeta bib tops, and a lace collar that wouldn't look out of place at the Playboy Mansion, circa 1840. So, yea, that's our morbid but kinda cool discovery of the day.