A Queer Couple & The Oldest Contestant Yet: Meet The MAFS 2024 Cast

We are just a short wait away from the 2024 season of Married At First Sight Australia kicking off and after months of eagerly anticipating who will be gracing our screens this season, the 2024 MAFS brides and grooms have been unveiled.
Just like every other year, this season will see ten couples meet for the first time on the altar, where they'll then get married to each other. This season, we're also seeing more diversity, including a same-sex couple and the show's oldest-ever participant. Will they actually stay together? Only time will tell.
Ahead, we've got everything you need to know about the Married At First Sight 2024 cast.

Meet the MAFS 2024 Intruders

The 2024 intruders for Married At First Sight Australia have finally been announced — and we've got our popcorn ready for the dramaaaaaa.

Meet The MAFS 2024 Brides

Andrea, 51

Andrea is a photographer from Queensland. A single mum to two adult children, she realised while watching MAFS that she was being gaslit in a previous relationship.
Andrea says that she's been breadcrumbed, love-bombed, and ghosted far too many times, but has been described as "earnest, loveable and trusting".
Honestly, she sounds super wholesome and we're here for it.

Cassandra, 29

This administration officer from sunny Queensland has been described by Nine as "a laughing ray of sunshine".
After experiencing the loss of her first love, Cassandra says she's struggled to make a meaningful connection with anyone since, but as she approaches 30, she wants to meet someone.
Her Tanzanian family has helped cultivate her desire for someone who's family-oriented, who she hopes to raise a "small football team" of kids with.

Eden, 28

Another Queenslander (this time residing on the Gold Coast), Eden is a recruitment manager who has been single for three years.
She's been described as a "fiercely independent, self-confessed daddy's girl" who is searching for someone ambitious and loyal, especially after her ex cheated on her with her best friend.

Ellie, 32

After her ex-fiancé cheated on her, Ellie was forced to scrap her wedding just a month before the day.
The registered nurse admits she now has a tendency to people please, which has left her with a constant need for reassurance.
She hopes she'll find someone special that will help her become a mum and settle down.

Lauren, 32

This Western Australian PR consultant says that she won't suffer fools and calls it as she sees it.
Describing herself as "a little bit crazy" in relationships, she's looking for a level-headed partner to balance her out.
That said, she claims she only attracts "red flags". Uh oh.

Lucinda, 43

A wedding celebrant and MC from NSW, Lucinda is a free spirit who values creativity and individuality.
She runs a speed-dating company, but now, it's her turn to find love. She's looking for an open-minded man who wants to experience the world with her and discover his full potential.

Natalie, 32

This Victorian physiotherapist is a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys cosplay, gaming, and Samoyed memorabilia. Ah, a woman after my own heart.
Natalie is family-oriented and loyal, which she says means she will stand up for anyone who is treated unfairly.

Sara, 29

Born and raised in Colombia, this Latina has lived in Australia for eight years and is searching for a "pretty boy".
She considers herself to be independent and fiery, with fears that she might come off too strong sometimes.
If a partner isn't up to scratch, Sara won't find it difficult to show them the door. But she still hopes that she'll find "the one" on Married At First Sight Australia.

Tori, 27

This Victorian business development manager is a self-proclaimed "bulldog" who doesn't "do compromise".
Raised by strong women, Tori is fiercely independent and only wants to make room for a man if he's the perfect fit.
She's after an "alpha male" who is not intimidated by strength. She says he must be masculine, fit, career-focused, tidy, emotionally intelligent and a good communicator.
She confesses that she's high maintenance and someone who loves control, but is hoping she'll find someone who can be her partner in life.

Meet The MAFS 2024 Grooms

Ben, 39

This part-time tour guide and construction worker craves adventure and excitement.
Ben says that it's easy for him to walk away from relationships if they get difficult and says he finds dating exhausting (same, bro).
He says he's picky, hates "vanilla" and can get bored easily.

Collins, 28

This executive assistant from NSW says that he's a "chatterbox" who's a bit quirky and awkward.
He hasn't had any dating or relationship experience, but says that he's had his heart broken by unrequited love before.
He says he's a kind and respectful person with lots of love to give — and he says he hopes to get out of the "friend zone".

Jack, 34

This personal trainer from Queensland describes himself as an "alpha male" who wants a partner who will be submissive to his dominance. Yikes.
Jack says that his future partner must be glamorous, fit, have a nice smile, be brunette and tanned.
That said, he says that he's overly affectionate and a romantic at heart.

Jayden, 26

This professional kickboxer is the brother to Mitch Eynaud, who was on MAFS Season 9. However, he says he's nothing like his brother.
He says he's used to keeping people at a distance and leads a disciplined and focused lifestyle.
Jayden says that he's been labelled a "bad F boy" before, and wants his future partner to be fit, ambitious and independent.

Jonathan, 39

Hailing from NSW, this former infantry soldier, concreter and financial adviser has spent over a year travelling the world after the breakdown of his last relationship.
He is an adventurer and risk-taker who considers himself unlucky in love. Jono wants to become a father and hopes to meet someone that will fit into his life.

Michael, 34

This salesperson from Victoria has been described as "handsome, extroverted and sassy".
Coming from a small town in Ohio, United States, he admits that his upbringing was hard.
As someone who has been single for five years, he says he's tired of the dating scene and is ready to settle down and become a father.
Michael wants someone who is "tall, dark and handsome" and who can share his family values.

Richard, 62

The oldest participant on Married At First Sight Australia, Richard describes himself as young at heart.
The motivational speaker says that he left his wife of 27 years because the "relationship had run its course" and recently dated a woman 27 years younger than him, with the relationship ending because she wanted to have children.
A father of three, Richard says he's struggling to meet a woman who has a zest for life, a flexible attitude, and someone he has chemistry with.

Simon, 39

Just before Simon's 30th birthday, he came out as gay. While he still has a great relationship with his ex-wife, who he co-parents their teenage son with, he's searching for a connection.
One half of one queer couple we'll see on MAFS, Simon hopes that he'll have better luck finding love on the show than on the dating apps.
Simon is currently not on Instagram.

Tim, 31

This surfer boy is a laidback guy with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has big financial goals and plenty of online businesses to boot, and hopes to build a school in Ethiopia, where his sister was adopted from.
After his most recent ex cheated on him, Tim says that he tends to keep his walls up and might not be fully healed from the relationship.
His ideal partner is funny, emotionally stable, great at conversation, and someone that exudes "feminine energy".

Timothy, 51

This Victorian business owner is a self-described "Peter Pan" with the gift of the gab.
After his father recently passed away, he's realised that he wants the emotional support and connection of a partner and wants to feel butterflies when he sees his wife.
Timothy says that he doesn't have a physical type, but wants his bride to be a good person who likes fun.

Tristan, 30

This event manager says that he can't get himself out of the friend zone and isn't sure whether he's chasing the wrong women.
Raised by a single mum, Tristan says that he's her hero and biggest supporter.
Tristan is nervous to start dating again, but is ready to meet someone and be their ultimate hype man. He doesn't have a checklist — he just wants to be loved.
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