MAFS Recap 2024 Episode 11: Ben, I’m Literally Begging You To Stop Calling Women Emotional

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It's part two of Intimacy Week in Married At First Sight 2024, and before I can even settle into the midst of Episode 11, we're served with ~drama~, with Ben mocking and belittling Ellie at a dinner. 30 seconds into the episode, Ellie is wondering whether he's there for the right reasons — and that's what we've been trying to tell you, girl.
Thankfully, we have a moment to breathe with all the remaining couples getting letters about Intimacy Week, asking them to take sexy photoshoots and discuss a list of turn-ons. Andrea says she could "teach Richard a thing or two" about sex, and hell yeah! We need more older people talking openly about sex, please.
Meanwhile, Eden takes photos of a naked Jayden, who's covered only by whipped cream and a cooking apron. Episode 11 is really kicking off with a bang!
Boiiz boiiz boiiz (Credit: Nine)
Then we're off with Tori and Jack, who for once isn't wearing a shit hat. While the two haven't had sex yet and Jack hasn't been totally clear on whether he's attracted to Tori, Expert Alessandra reckons the two of them need to genital cup, so they go and do that. And they cup. And they look at each other, cupping. Tori is really into him and wants to rip his clothes off, but we've got a feeling Jack isn't vibing the same.
Sara and Tim are up next, and are still discussing their insecurities after Sara refused to do the phone swap task. The two of them are forced to look into each other's eyes for three minutes for the sake of the task, and damn, it actually looks like it might have helped? The two of them gush over each other and it looks like they'll be moving on from their speedbumps.


Finally, we check in with Ben and Ellie in the aftermath of their fight. Ben once again says that Ellie is "sensitive" and "emotional", and damn, I would be too if some beige white bread dude mocked me. But also, can we stop calling women emotional or dramatic for extremely valid reactions? The fact that Ben's said this multiple times is the reddest red flag that could ever be red.
But just as we feel like Ellie is going to tell him to take a hike, we cut to a workshop that all the men are doing with Expert Alessandra. Richard reminds everyone that he and Andrea are gettin' down a bunch, while Jack publicly lets everyone know that he's into golden showers. The dudes laugh, and Jack admits that he doesn't have "huge sexual energy" with Tori.
Ben, oblivious to the fact that Ellie is pissed at him, says that everything is fine and dandy on his end! Nothing to see here! Meanwhile, Alessandra is staring at him like, 'are you fkn serious mate?'. Then comes the good stuff. In a confessional, Jonathan starts throwing shade at Ben's motives and says the whole thing is "a bit ick". Very, very interesting.

Don't Believe Him, Ellie!

Then, it's time for the women to meet up with Alessandra. Cassandra says things are ice cold between her and Tristan and that they're on struggle street. Ellie says her feelings towards Ben have changed and tells everyone that he was mocking her, and all the girls are like, oh hell no. DUMP HIM!!!
Back at Ellie and Ben's apartment, Ben has conveniently had an epiphany that he wants to have kids in the future and settle down. Yep, it just happened to hit him today. It couldn't possibly be due to the aforementioned opportunities he might get after the show finishes! Poor Ellie buys what he's saying and is hyped, while everyone at home is like, no.
Our faces watching Ben talk to Ellie (Credit: Nine)

Can Someone PLEASE Tell Tori?!

A bunch of the couples who actually like each other all cosy up with the hugging task, while Tori is blissfully unaware that Jack's mentioned that he's not sexually attracted to her. The two are tasked with kissing for five minutes straight, which Jack negotiates down to two. The MAFS overlords decide to put sexy music on top of their kissing, and I am UNCOMFY. Tori is raving about their sexual compatibility, while Jack says there isn't a "big wow factor". At this stage, I'm literally begging for someone to intervene. Please, can someone tell her?!
Next up, Alessandra decides to weigh in on Cassandra and Tristan's relationship, concerned about Cass not vocalising her attraction to him, as well as Tristan's insecurities. Cass reveals that she isn't attracted to Tristan at that moment because of his energy, mood, and thoughts. Under Alessandra's guidance, they do the eye-gazing task and begin to understand each other again. Cuuuuuute.
Tim tries to take Sara on a date, but she's too hungover to go — and wow, if that is not the most relatable clip I've seen. Tim is annoyed that she's more concerned with going out with the girls and says he's "had enough of trying to mould to her expectations". Ruh roh.
She says he shouldn't take things so personally and that she should be able to go out with her friends, but Tim is frustrated that she's cancelled dates three weeks in a row. "Trying to make a relationship work doesn't seem like a priority to you," Tim says, with Sara responding that she also needs her own time and just wants to have a bevvie with the babes!
The episode ends there, and we're left wondering if these two will sort it out by the next ep. Let it be known, I'm not holding my breath.

WTF Moment:

Ben calling Ellie "sensitive" and "emotional"... again.

Couple Of The Episode:

Cassandra and Tristan — we love curing relationships with some eye gazing.


Jonathan, for reading Ben to filth and saying he's a "bit ick".
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